Saturday, 7 April 2018

Yet another hectic day

I feel as though I'm on some sort of treadmill which suddenly speeds up randomly and stops me getting off or slowing it down. So busy.

But first, Jarvis in a cave!! (The gig we went to last night.)

The walk through Castleton to the cave entrance is very scenic. I hope non-locals enjoyed it.

Inside it was very atmospheric. Good views due to an elevated stage in the cave mouth and sloping ground. We were happy at the back.

Jarvis was very funny, a bit nutty but thought-provoking. Seems to have mellowed in his older years. Maybe living down the road in Edale has caused him to chill. He certainly doesn't look or dance any differently! Still a lanky beanpole.

In the interests of the honesty part of the LRHD (Lisa Riley's Honesty Diet), I will disclose the fact that I had a pint of cider! I wanted something to loosen me up when we first got there and there were no spirits at the bar. I regret nothing as I know I'm giving this plan a LOT and doing well and it didn't lead to veering from the plan.

So, to today. Early start for golf teeing off at 7.45am. I was a bit concerned that my plan breakfast would not keep me going for 18 holes of rainy, hilly golf but it did. I didn't even think about eating the banana I took with me. I had a berry smoothie with yoghurt, milk, strawberries, blackberries and porridge oats with a little honey. Nearly a pint of it!!

Golf which went really well. It was a pairs comp with me playing with a newish, younger member called Kate and Rich playing with his friend John. Kate and I are seriously under golfed so we were pleased with out decent but not exciting score. The boys were 4 shots better than us and disappointed because they were so close to being really good. All about perspective I suppose. My new driver and long clubs are looking very promising!!

After golf a rush to shower,  change and get Sheffield for the football. I decided yesterday that I would do a supermarket shop instead of the pub. I loved it. A nice relaxed wander round the store buying new ingredients for different dishes, very refreshing.

By 2pm though I was VERY hungry! Options were not good (should have bought a salad box in the store but didn't think until I had already left). I ended up buying a chicken salad sandwich (330 calories so not bad).  Once again, despite being hungry, I was fine with a modest sarnie and no snacks (I was offered a "meal deal" but turned down the snack and drink - get me!)

A slimline tonic in the pub too!

We lost the football but to Fulham who are 3rd and pushing for promotion. We held them until nearly the end but ultimately they were too strong for us and nicked a late goal. Hey ho - no disgrace in playing well but losing to a good side.

Back home for supper. I was tired, hungry and slightly irritable. Rich had enjoyed a few stronger beers than usual and seemed a bit short with me or less caring/attentive than usual. Hard to say if it was him as a result of the extra drink or me being hungry and sober. Mixture of both probably.

I snacked a bit to keep me going through unpacking shopping, sorting out wet golf gear and laundry (we're playing again tomorrow), cooking and walking dogs. Only 2 slices of ham and a banana though so no hair shirt required!!

Supper was good - garlic, chilli and ginger marinaded salmon and prawns on a bed of stir fry veg. It filled me up and there has been no snacking this evening.  A lovely, long chat with my dad and a few hours watching The Masters has rounded off a nice evening.

At the close of Day 5, I'm very pleased with how it is going and think I will extend the "8 day kickstart" to a "Stone off kick start"!!

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Peridot said...

The smoothie and supper sound delicious. I have ordered the book and you are my inspiration!