Friday, 20 April 2018

All change

Finally the scales have shifted downwards. After 5 days at the same weight they relented and shifted down 1.2lbs. Phew, I was beginning to get miffed by their intransigence.  I had remained true to the regime though so feel pleased with myself.

I've been in the office today which, after 2 days of sunshine, was pretty tricky. Poached eggs and bacon for breakfast kept me going through 2 very tense and complicated meetings. Once released I headed out for a walk through town to Tesco to buy ingredients for tonight's supper.

TK's easy pizza - on tortilla instead of pastry base. So delicious. I suspect I needed to crisp up the base more than I did as it was a bit soggy in the middle but it was soooo tasty.  What's not to like about tomato, garlic, parma ham, anchovies, mozzarella, parmesan, mushrooms and courgettes??  Diet? What diet??

Anyway, I understand that the sunshine is on it's way out this weekend (obviously, we're playing golf) so here are some sunny evening pics of the White Peak which I took on my way home from french last night. The whole drive was stunning. I wanted to take some pics of Chatsworth gleaming in the golden evening light but the traffic was suddenly heavy and nowhere to pull over.  You'll have to make do with these....


Peridot said...

Gorgeous! Lambs and daffodils! Definitely spring

And indeed, what’s not to love!


Pam said...

Well done you! Those sticking scales...

And well done for stopping the red lady queue-jumping! I would have let her do it and been grumpy afterwards. British justice prevails!