Sunday, 15 April 2018

Wet Sunday

Well, it wasn't too bad in the morning but we spent most of that in bed enjoying a delicious lie-in.

Then a modified fry-up for brunch before heading off to play golf. The BBC website assured us that the rain would hold off 'til 3 or 4pm but it was not to be, rain from 10 minutes after we tee'ed off. Not constant but 3 sharp showers and drizzle in between. Strangely it didn't stop us enjoying the round. I played reasonably well but fell away on the last holes.

I definitely need to get golf fit. Hopefully some weightloss will help. Playing in the wet is somehow more tiring too.

After our round we enjoyed a nice, relaxed drink (a rum and diet coke for me -yay!) and chat with Kate (the woman we played with last week). Usually when we play we're dashing off the football so it was good to kick back and get to know her a bit.

Supper was planned to be another Tom Kerridge recipe - One Layer Lasagne. It took quite a long time to prepare so I was pretty knackered by the time we ate but it was well worth it.

Nice to be able to have a version of lasagne while dieting and for it to be sufficiently tasty not to feel in any way deprived. The ragu was packed with flavour, pasta swopped for slices of courgette and tomato. The cheese sauce was replaced by ricotta, mozzarella and a small amount of parmesan for taste. It felt quite luxurious anyway and Rich went back for seconds which I'll take as approval!

In other news, my clothes are feeling looser. I was able to wear a light golf top today which I had had to abandon due to it resembling a sausage casing. Now it is fitted but not too clingy.

My next target it this year's football shirt. I bought it as this year is the 150th anniversary of Wednesday's formation so I wanted the special shirt. However, I have not yet worn it despite it technically fitting me due to it being a slinky material which clings in all the wrong places. I would love to be able to wear it once this season which means this Saturday or Sunday 6th May. I'll keep you updated.

The only negative for today is Minty. She seems to be a bit poorly. Not terrible but definitely under the weather. Not wanting to go for a walk, having to be coaxed to eat and this afternoon I noticed her burying something in the garden and found little piles of regurgitated food so she has been sick a few times over the last few days. Very worrying.

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Seren said...

Oh dear, poor Minty. I hope she’s OK. Sounds like everything else is going swimmingly. x