Wednesday, 18 April 2018

A glorious Wednesday at last!

I stepped on the scales this morning to see 17.1.2 yet again, snooze. I suspect they may be stuck (although have thought this before). I didn't dwell and headed off to play golf in the breezy sunshine. Oooh, it's heaven to play golf while not being wet!

Had a lovely round with Sarah who I've not seen since last year. Lots of Australia and wedding chat.  I played quite well on the front nine but then tailed off in the second half of the back nine. Room for improvement but not too bad considering how little we have played so far this year. We have our first Scratch Match on Monday so can only hope that the ladies of Keighley Golf Club are as lightly golfed as we are!

I worked from home this afternoon, all the time crossing fingers that the sun would continue to shine until clocking off time. It did!
I took the girls for a walk, without a coat! It was still pretty muddy but who cares? Birds sang, lambs gambolled, butterflies and bumble bees buzzed. I don't have photos of those though so these will have to do.

I've been quite good today foodwise. I actually took a Go Ahead bar out of the tin before our walk. However, I put it down for a few minutes to think about it (agood tactic) and managed to change my mind and put it away again.  Breakfast was poached eggs (energy for golf) and lunch was a very virtuous bowl of leftover ratatouille with a sprinkling of cheese.

Supper is going to be beans on toast!! Rich is out and I have no inspiration this evening...

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Seren said...

Hurrah for sunshine! It was a bit gloomy here yesterday but glorious today and it feels so nice - I just hope it sticks around...