Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Rain, rain go away, and don't come back til the garden needs you

Aaaaargh!! I'm heartily sick of this rain. My golf comp was cancelled yesterday as the course is waterlogged but we had hoped to at least be able to play a few holes. No chance, torrential rain has flooded the course and it has barely stopped ALL day!

I picked a window between the stairrods to take the dogs out. It was still rainy and soaking underfoot. They did not thank me for taking them out and were gutted when I extended our route to go to the shop for a couple of items. Shelagh dug her heels in and tried to drag me homewards.

It was so grey and wet that I only took one photo....appropriate, no?

I took a few more yesterday which were a little more springlike.

Look, a hint of blue sky!!

Spring must be around the corner, surely??

At the bottom of the hill I could hear the brook thundering out of the hillside. It percolates through the limestone and emerges from a pipe into The Lumb. Not yesterday - yesterday it thundered out of 3 orifices. I have never seen it so high. I tiptoed down the wet, slippery steps to take some pics.

Usually I quite  like the idea of living in Brook House above the stream but not so much at the moment.

Wow! And we have had more torrential rain today. I hope the rivers can cope with it all.

Diet wise, today (Day 2) is going well. I went for a quick walk first thing to buy some yoghurt for brekkie and then the longer, hilly and rainy trek over lunch so I have smashed my cardio target of 45 minutes. Lunch was the rest of the spicey carrot and lentil soup and supper will be spicy roast cod with roasted spinach and cauliflower.

It may sting a bit as I'm going to give Rich the leftover cauli cheese (made with some stilton so extra tasty) and some spuds with his meal. I am strong. I can do this.

We're also going to the pub quiz tonight so no booze is going to be an issue. I'm determined to stick to it though as that is the point of the 8 day kick start, to learn/remind yourself that you can do these things and still have fun.

Update: spicy roast cod with roasted spinach and cauli was delicious! I didn't miss the potatoes or the cauli cheese. It was meant to be served with a cherry tomato salsa but I couldn't be bothered with that so just chucked a handful of cherry toms in with the fish which was a great decision adding a little bit of sweet moistness. I'm enjoying trying new dishes and Rich is too - bonus!

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Is it a low carb diet?