Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Hairy Dieters join the party

I knew we were going to have chicken for supper but hadn't decided what. I flicked through my 2 go-to books and nothing jumped out at me which suited what I had in and the time and energy available.

So I resurrected an old friend, the Hairy Dieters' Cook Book. And an old friend from that book, chicken and ham tangle pie. Basically chicken, ham, leeks and mushrooms in a white wine and half fat creme fraiche sauce with scrunched up filo pastry as a pie lid. Yummy.

Nice to have another recipe book full of options. The Hairy Dieters are a little keener on spuds and rice than TK and La Riley but otherwise they are on the same lines and I can always adapt.

Today has been decent. The scales have me very close to my first stone off so that started me off with a smile on my face. Golf was fun too although my back 9 let me  down badly after a brilliant start. Always good exercise too.

I always used to think I needed to snack during my round for energy but I have given up without too much trauma. The trouble is I seem to be going downhill score wise on the back 9s so perhaps my body and concentration does need some sustenance part way round? Will try something healthy on my next round and see if that helps.

Back home to work and thank the gods that I was not on the course through the torrential downpours which dotted the afternoon. Some early evening weeding while the earth is soft and then cooking. It has been a nice, measured day.

We are probably heading out to the pub quiz at our local this evening. It will almost certainly be a dry evening but I might allow myself one or two gins if I really fancy it. I said the same last Wednesday and didn't indulge so it is not a foregone conclusion by any means.


Seren said...

I’ve been meaning to do a tangle pie for a while - have a load of filo scraps in the freezer that need using up. You may have just inspired our Sunday dinner!!

Everything crossed for that first stone soon!


Peridot said...

I must say I like the Hairy Dieters’ recipes. There is a sweet and sour chicken that’s tasty and a chicken and chorizo (that admittedly has new potatoes in) which is absolutely delicious.