Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Great Ocean Road annd the, ahem, Twelve Apostles

The boys wanted to do a second day at the cricket in Melbourne so Carolyn and I booked ourselves onto a day trip to drive the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles. It's a bit of a mega drive to do it in 1 day but overall it was worth it despite the weather being terrible.

Rainy, grey, not really a promising day for admiring sea views. It wasn't helped by the coach driver leaving us poor souls at the back of the coach sweltering, steamed up and travel sick for a good hour or more. I had asked several times for the temperature to be reduced without success. It was only when I gave him a mouthful at a break that he realised there were 2 controls for front and back. Dickhead!! The road was very windy and swoopy. One woman was actually sick and we all felt nauseous just because he couldn't be bothered to listen and learn the controls.

Still, he was a nice guy and took his dressing down well and won't make that mistake again.

As a result we really enjoyed our pitstops on the outward journey despite the gloom.

Carolyn and I had a really good day together. I'm very lucky with my future mother in law (especially as she is only 10 years older then me).

The elegant plastic mac I bought at the cricket in Perth.

Low cloud!! But the rain stopped and it was starting to brighten up promisingly with the good stuff coming up.

Amazingly, once we got to the Twelve Apostles the sun was about to peep through. The place was hooching with people all jostling for that perfect shot. Most were lovely and considerate allowing others to take their turn and taking pics if you wanted but a few were nightmares.

 One Japanese lady taking a gazillion identical pictures of her husband while hogging a key corner - i could see them on her screen - easily 30 or more identical shots, not on sport mode either, each one taken individually. Gnashing of teeth ensued.

Another elderly Chinese lady literally elbowed 6 or more of us out the way for her shot, gesticulating and schreeching at us. Entitled, much??

But at last we got our turn and the sun peeked through. Actually, once you got past this iconic view the crowds stretched out and became a lot less oppressive. 

After the grim start, we were just pleased to be able to see something!

We were lucky to be able to visit Loch Ard Gorge as well as the Twelve Apostles. Due to the time of year (middle of the Christmas holidays) several coaches missed their window.

It was much quieter and a lovely walk through the cliff top scrub around the headland.

All in all, despite being a long day, it was worth it and I suspect Carolyn and I had a better day than the boys whose cricket was rained off. 

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