Monday, 9 April 2018

Day 7 - lessons learned

Today's first lesson concerns tomato, feta and lentil salad.

  1. It is totally delicious and filling. Who knew? I've not previously been a huge fan of any of the 3 main ingredients; would eat them but not very often.
  2. I should make it and the dressing the day before as I was rushing this morning to do that and make and eat breakfast. 
  3. It is too garlicky to be an office lunch! Especially with spring onions (should have been red onions) as well. I felt somewhat anti-social! I had 2 informal meetings this afternoon so suggested that we sat in the breakout area rather than a pod!!
I was pleased that I chose not to have the banana as well for my lunch. It was only habit made me consider it, not hunger and now I can have the banana before I go to the gym this evening. 

The second is more of a reflection on the sorry state of my work wardrobe. Having got so fat I am down to 1 pair of work trousers. This is, particularly when you are pretty hefty, a precarious and risky state of affairs. What if they rip?? Anyway, after 7 days they are marginally less, erm, snug so I feel a little more secure!

Supper was also delicious - chicken and mushroom pots (although I dispensed with the pots) with root vegetable mash. Tasty, quick and filling. Richard had exactly the same as me and was perfectly happy with it too.

The trouble is, I was late home so I haven't done my exercise today and it's 8pm.  Dark and raining so not running. Just can't face dragging myself out to the gym now. Gah!! Home workout it is. Luckily Rich is off to darts and dominoes so I won't have an audience.

Update - I did it. 45 mins of sweaty exercise, and that was just finding and extricating the trampette from the store, blowing up the fitball and washing them both down!! I found one of those Sunday papers giveaways "Two weeks to get fit for summer!" and followed that. It was hard work so I haven't slacked off. 

Today is the final day of my 8 day kickstart and I'm really pleased with what I've achieved in this brief time.  It's been a lot of fun too; I certainly cannot let it go now so I've decided that I'm just going to keep going. I might have the odd more relaxed day when required but in the normal run of things  I see no reason not to eat like this every day (and also exercise every day).

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Peridot said...

That salad sounds delicious. Although thanks for the ‘antisocial’ warning - I’ll have it at home (poor P!)