Tuesday, 17 April 2018

2 weeks results

I feel as though I've been following this plan forever but it has, really, only been 2 weeks. So, today's big weigh-in dawned with me feeling less than positive given how sluggish and heavy I had felt last night.  I stepped on the scales to see a respectable but not thrilling 2.5lb drop to 17.1.2, which is a total drop of 10.5lbs.

I have been stuck at exactly 17.1.2 for 3 days and before that it had been up and down - 17.2.4, then 17.4.0 (ueerrk), then 17.0.8 and 17.1.8 before settling at today's level. So overall the weekly approach is better - a nice healthy drop and hopefully another good week will take me to the stone off next or the week after.

I fear I had started to stray from La Riley's principles, allowing limited carbs and booze to creep in, which I'm fine with as long as they genuinely are limited. Today I have rededicated myself to the book and to careful portion control.

Pimped up yoghurt for breakfast. Poached eggs with 1 rasher, mushrooms and tomatoes and a small slice of granary toast for lunch. A hilly dog walk at lunch and the gym after work. Supper is, once again, from Tom Kerridge - baked cod with mediterranean veggies and butter beans. I have already prepared the fish and am looking forward to it.

Below are some pics from our lunchtime walk - it feels as though spring is lurking beneath the surface.

What a cutie. He was desperate to play with my 2 and another dog we were walking down the hill with!

PS. Minty was right as rain when we got home last night having worried us with her sicky droopiness. Typical damn dogs playing with your emotions!!

Update: the gym was good. I worked hard, added some weights and did 15 minutes on the treadmill which is the first time in a loooong time. Supper was even better. Tom Kerridge really knows how to cram flavour into a dish. I overdid the paprika but it was a very tasty meal. Rich even said he wouldn't need potatoes next time which is very positive!


Seren said...

10.5 lbs in two weeks is amazing - you should be so proud of yourself. And we all know that, exciting as the big drops are, slower weight loss tends to be more sustainable. Big congrats x x

Pam said...

Well done you! Wow!

Peridot said...

Damn it. I clearly should have looked more closely at that Tom K book. I just remember a disconcerting amount of offal (an awful lot of offal, ha!)

Excellent loss though - you should be over the moon.