Saturday, 30 April 2016

Frabgious Day!!

 In case it hasn't impinged upon your world - Sheffield Wednesday are in the play offs!!  We had to get at least a point today, ironically against the only team who could overtake us - Cardiff.  What a massive game it was! We have all been thinking about it and feeling the nerves all week but it's games like this that make your season - not just the result but the full stadium and the fantastic atmosphere.

We only needed a draw but we thrashed them 3-0.  Cardiff didn't really turn up and our boys were totally focussed and devastating.  What an awesome game.

Here we are walking to the ground.

Being nasty football hooligans on the many steps up to the top of the Kop!

3 packed full stands and the away end with a paltry few from Cardiff.  This was potentially their biggest game of the season and only 900/1000 turn up??  We would have taken thousands!  Poor show.

A pre-match selfie.  The chap behind us was a random - but funny!

The traditional display of inflatables before a big game.

The end of season walk around to thank the fans and show off their latest toddlers.  Usually this is annoying because usually some idiots run onto the pitch thus delaying the players coming out. Everyone gets arsey and starts chanting and it's all a bit of a pain.  Today, no-one went on the pitch, probably because we know we're playing on it for the play offs in a fortnight, and it was great!

Then back to the pub in a haze of happy satisfaction.  What a brilliant day.  This little gang of middle-aged blokes amused me.  They got into a huddle and jumped up and down singing and cheering for ages while the young lads at the table behind them watched bemused or carried on staring at their phones.  For true footballing passion you need a seasoning of bitter experience I suspect.  It clearly meant so much to them to have had a good season.

As to whether we will go up through the playoffs, who knows.  We don't even know who we will be playing in the semi-finals yet - one of Burnley (unlikely IMO), Brighton or Middlesbrough.  I'd take 'Boro but we could beat or lose to any of them.  Yay!!  At the beginning of the season I wanted us to finish in the top ten competing for the play offs right to the end and here we are in them! Our manager is a gorgeous, cheeky Portuguese chap called Carlos and he is a genius!

You may have gathered from this stream of consciousness outpouring that I'm a tad thrilled.  I've also gone off piste diet wise.  I meant to have one pint before the game - a local beer called "In Carlos we Trust" - but I ended up sinking 3.  When we came back I stuck to diet coke as I was driving but snuck in a cheeky bowl of curry and poppadum which the lovely landlady provided to her faithful locals. But I have stopped the rot this evening and stuck to a spagetti bolognaise pack - joy.

Hey ho - I went for a 3 mile run this morning so hopefully that will offset some of the naughtiness.

Days like today do not happen often and I loved every minute.  Well done Sheffield Wednesday!!


Seren said...

Congrats BUT I am obliged, by matrimonial loyalty, to be shocked that you think you could take Boro. Ahem. :-)))


Seren said...

Sorry - Brighton it is! SUCH a tense afternoon but a very happy Hubble here this evening!