Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Deprived but happy

I'm on another football day out which is tough when you're dieting. Chocolate shake before the 9.43 train, a coffee at Sheffield station, several pints of diet cokes while the lads scarf down a full breakfast.

I'm now cold and feeling a bit deprived. But I got chatting to an elderly couple on the next table and we had a proper laugh.  We moved pubs and I sweet talked the very nice barmaid (with the longest fake eyelashes I've ever seen) into giving me a mug of hot water and made up a soup pack. Order and wellbeing is restored.

We still have the train trip from Wakefield to Huddersfield and the walk to the ground in the rain, no doubt closely supervised by ridiculously heavy handed coppers. I have my bar for half time and then should be able to hang on 'til we get home for my last pack of the day.

All I need is Sheffield Wednesday to get with the programme and thrash the Terriers! Come on you Blue and White Wizaaaaards!!!

UPDATE: It was a hard fought and close run VICTORY for Sheffield Wednesday!!

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Seren said...

It's miserable here in West Yorkshire today, hope you're well wrapped up. But well done you and keep it up - you're an absolute heroine.