Monday, 18 April 2016

In which Minty is not disappointed

Last Sunday I took the dogs for a quick walk and short changed them somewhat.  At the turning point of our walk Minty asked very nicely if we could head onto the golf course and around the fishing ponds.  I didn't have enough time though so back home we went.

This Sunday, however, after our round of golf, we did not short change them.  We walked up the path which I posted photos of last week and then onto the golf course.  It was late-ish afternoon and no golfers about so we could walk along the fairway rather than the woodland path.  

I realised then why the dogs like the golf course so much.  Richard usually takes them on this walk and has, I now discover, been teaching them the fun game "chasing golf balls".

In this game, Rich waits for the dogs to pay attention...

He then throw one ball as far as he can.  Minty races after it.  Shelagh doesn't stand a chance.  So, as soon as Minty is ahead, he throws a second ball, slightly slower just past Shelagh.  She then diverts off after that one and both are happy with their spoils!

I was happy too - taking pictures of my lovely family.

After the golf course, we walk back around the fishing ponds.  Once again, it was very quiet so dogs off lead but no swimming.  You wouldn't think that there is a 30lb carp mooching around in there would you?  But the son of a friend of ours caught one just last week - a total monster!  I don't understand fishing at all but that must have been a thrill (and thrown back of course).

The scales begrudgingly shifted downwards by a surly half lb this morning.  They must have heard of my frustration and decided to throw me a metaphorical bone.

Work was tough today.  Loads of work and a high profile meeting late on in the afternoon.  I stayed true to the plan though despite temptation.  I didn't have time to go home after work so straight to dancing and that is where I strayed.  I stopped on the way to buy a birthday card and, pouff, bought a packet of chicken breast half of which was eaten in the car and rest of which made it into my vegetarian biryani food pack (improving it greatly BTW).

So, I'm still picking but hopefully not enough to prevent a modest drop tomorrow.

On the plus side, dancing was a dream. The cha cha - we remembered the new steps.  The rumba - we not only remembered the new steps from a month or so ago but we also mastered new ones.  The tango -twice round without an error - we were dancing, stylin' no less!  The waltz - we got the start right; couldn't remember the new steps at the end but it was the end of the class so we totally ignored that and carried on regardless.  It was brilliant, totally uplifting.  

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Peridot said...

I LOVE this title!

My mum's dogs love finding golf balls too - they collect quite a number of lost balls.