Sunday, 17 April 2016

Slightly cheesed off

The scales are sticking AGAIN! 2lbs off and then no movement for 3 days despite being pretty damn good. The only departures from plan have been a few splashes of milk and a single slice of Turkey added into my pasta sludge last night. Come on dieting Gods,  just come on!!

It has been getting me down a bit. Yesterday at the football I felt sulky as I sipped my sparkling water, which sulkiness continued into the evening. I started to feel sulky again this morning after the third STS on the scales but then looked out the window and saw the sunshine.

It is gorgeous!!  Richard is moving slightly faster than usual for a Sunday morning so we will be on the golf course very soon.

I'm not ruining a lovely Sunday by sulking. I can fit into clothes last worn in Northumberland last spring; my toe doesn't hurt too badly at the moment; I'm a quarter of the way through a marathon; and Sheffield Wednesday is heading for the play offs!!

(Now I've made myself nervous by counting chickens. There are 4 games left in the season - 12 points to play for. Only Cardiff can realistically catch us and they are 5 points behind with a much worse goal difference. We are playing them in a fortnight so that will be the crucial game but we are in the driving seat. I really want us to make the play offs!!)

Anyway, back to dieting. This stickiness is pissing me off but I will stick to the plan (see, I can be sticky too) for 3 and a half more weeks and hope for the best! Deal?


Stephbospoon said...

Stick with it Lesley - you are doing so well!! Maybe stop weighing yourself as much just in the interim?

Peridot said...

Your disposition is as sunny as the weather- good for you. Scales: cooperate, damn you.