Saturday, 9 April 2016

Busy Saturday

But I'm cosy now on the sofa and intending to stay here!

I thought I'd share the last of my photos from Ireland as I haven't got any others to post.  It was a mostly dark, windy and cold day when we played golf out on Howth peninsula but we managed to play almost all the way round without getting wet so not too bad.

After golfing and eating we drove the few miles to Howth Harbour but it was far too cold for much of a walk so we headed back to the doggies pretty quickly.

I didn't manage to fit in a swim yesterday but am relieved as Abbeydale golf course was long and tough and I was knackered after our round.  A swim before it would have finished me off!

I did, however, go for a swim this afternoon despite being a bit sore from mowing the lawn and doing chores so am pleased with that.  I've decided to count my swimming distances towards my marathon as otherwise I will not want to go and I need to get the value out of my season ticket (which has gone up from £160 to £180 in a year!).  So that is another 1km to add to my total, taking me to 6.15km.  Getting there.

I had a golf lesson this morning while Rich was playing.  The club pro is usually a bit of a piss taker but this time he seemed deadly serious about improving my swing.  He didn't ask me what I wanted to do in the lesson just launched straight into "I've been watching you and there are some things I want to try out!".

He was full of praise for my golfing ability (basic swing, hands, timing, power etc) and said that I'm a total bandit playing off 15 but that my action has made it harder for me to improve.  He has given me a few drills to work through and I feel enthused.  The key thing, though, is repetition and that means PRACTISE!  If I practise until the new action is natural to me, I will play fewer poor shots and have a better sense of aim and direction.

For the first time ever I feel enthusiastic about practising and improving rather than just turning up and playing.  I think it is because I am playing in matches and competitions more regularly now and have improved to a point where I can see where I could get to.  The inconsistency of my game is beginning to annoy me so maybe, just maybe, practising would be worthwhile.  I've mentally booked in Monday (when I'm working from home) for my first 30 minute session so watch this space.

After the lesson it was shopping, lawn-mowing and swimming.  Now I'm just postponing my last pack of the day for as long as I can before settling down in front of an evening of boxing and golf.  Come on Anthony Joshua!!!

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Seren said...

The sky in those pictures...beautiful!

Despite the scales not playing ball it sounds like you're completely on top of the healthy, active lifestyle thang so keep going - you're doing brilliantly!