Friday, 15 April 2016


I was feeling really positive on Wednesday and Thursday.  I was a little concerned whether I would be tempted to cheat at Dad's but not a bit of it - I was stellar!  No nibbles and a good run on Thursday.  3.25km (well, it's flat over there) taking me to 9.4km in total.  A dent in the marathon but will I "hit the wall" or whatever it is that happens to those nutters who really run marathons?!

I felt thinner and motivated.

So why then did I start with the picking on my way home on Thursday??  Why?

I could live with the picking on my drive home; I was hungry and limited it to a small packet of chicken breast meat.  But then we went out to darts and dominoes Finals Night.  I had a crust of bread and butter before we went out; a few chips from the buffet; a gin and tonic; a small sausage roll(!). Nothing drastic as you can see but nothing worth doing either.

Well, maybe the gin and (slimline) tonic - a modest celebration.  We won both the darts and the dominoes knockout competitions and Richard's team had already come second in the league so a successful evening for the White Hart B!!

I have stopped the rot today but, due to the rain, did not go out for a run after work as I had half planned to do.

All is not lost - the scales are being relatively kind - 2lbs off so far this week so hopefully my sticky patch is over.  Football at home tomorrow and more golf on Sunday (weather permitting).  It should be a reasonably quiet weekend so hopefully I can keep the momentum going.

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Seren said...

I always imagine that one of the hardest things about those VLCDs is the lack of stuff to chew - so picking at bits and pieces is a pretty natural instinct, surely. As you say, you're acting to stop the rot fast which is great.