Thursday, 21 April 2016

It's all relative

I was very excited this morning to see a new stone bracket on my scales.  Combine that with feeling thinner and you have a somewhat dangerous combination.  That sense of achievement and success can sometimes lead to slacking off and picking.  To be fair it did lead to some picking today but only reasonably benign items - a mushroom cut into my spag bol pack; a crust of bread and butter and a slice of ham.  Not going to do much damage and I'll stop it while at work tomorrow.

Anyway, this set me thinking.  Although I have dropped nearly 2 stone and my trousers are falling off me, I'm still nowhere near slim or where I want to be.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking myself or my achievement and I feel great but this is not the end game.

Maybe it's time for some numbers?   I consulted some old posts to see where I was last year and the year before that and noticed something quite interesting (in a masochistic kind of way).

When I last dieted properly in January-April last year, I started at 17.04 stone and over 4 slow, steady, months dropped 16 odd lbs taking me on 27 April to 15.11.8.  Today on 21 April I weighed in at exactly 15.11.8 having dropped 26 lbs.  So, not only had I put on all that I'd dropped, but I'd added an extra 10 lbs to the total!  Gah!

In 2014, I had a go at Slimming World and managed to drop 9 or 10 lbs taking me to around 15.11 before we set off for Malaysia in early May.  By mid summer I was up to 16.7 and heading back to the 17's.

So, while I'm pleased with what I've managed to do in the last 6 weeks, I'm also a little cheesed off with myself that I let this happen in the first place.  Or am I?  Well, I know this is a learning process and I suppose I have learned something:  I knew that I was getting out of hand and I took serious steps to put it right before it was too late so that is good.  It has not been too painful so that means I'm less rebellious child and more adult about my choices.

I feel as though I have reset myself back into diet and exercise and I have the tools to keep it  going when I get back to proper food.  I better had as this is my best chance for ages of regaining the 13's and that is what I want to do in 2016.  I do NOT want to repeat the pattern of recent years of dropping weight in the first few months an then regaining that weight plus more thereafter.

Remind me I said this if I seem to be straying!


Pam said...

Well, good for you! I've been doing the 5/2 for several years now and it has no effect at all, except, I suppose, from stopping me putting ON any weight. Sigh.

Peridot said...

A new stone bracket is always a joy!