Monday, 11 April 2016

Bad week....write it off and try not to sulk too much

The scales remained stubbornly static, dropping at best half a lb right until yesterday when I made things worse.  We played golf in a mixed club comp against another club on the edge of Sheffield (Wortley).  I had already decided that I would be eating the meal after our game as it would just be too awkward either not staying for the meal (rude) or not eating and asking for soup etc (just too fiddley and embarrassing).  Trouble is, when I had made the decision to eat, I had not realised that I would be in the middle of a baaaad week.

After a good, long round of golf in the chilly wind, I was really looking forward to food and it did not disappoint.  Roast pork with all the trimmings followed by treacle sponge and custard.  Mmmm hmmmm

Anyway, let's draw a line under that little episode.  The scales are only showing a lb on this morning and I might be able to get that off by weigh in tomorrow evening but it is still looking very much like a STS (or worse) week! Eeeerrrk

When you are starving yourself, you really don't want to stay the same.  But them's the breaks and I will re-dedicate myself to plan over the next few weeks (and adjust my eventual target accordingly).

On the plus side, I have been doing a lot more exercise (running, swimming, walking and golfing) and seem to have overcome my resistance to that so, when my body gets with the programme, hopefully the lard will just drop off me!

In news unrelated to dieting - what about the Masters??!  It was so exciting watching Danny Willett claw his way into the green jacket last night.  We have been proud of him for a few years now as he is a Sheffield boy who plays at Rotherham GC but now the whole world knows how good he is.  It is truly awesome.  And not only that - Lee Westwood from Worksop came second and 20 year old Matthew Fitzpatrick also from Sheffield came 6th.  What a night.

I thought it would be tough to beat the Joshua fight from Saturday night but it was waaaay better.

Anyway, we're off dancing now so I had better get changed and head off to Sheffield.


Seren said...

One little blip is nothing in the context of how well you're doing. You're a star! Great to hear that you're back on track with the exercise too. Keep going - and ignore those pesky scales.


Pam said...

Well, at least you enjoyed your meal. You have to have some enjoyment.

Peridot said...

Yes, it's rubbish & of course you want a payback for all that work. But you will prevail!

I'm rooting for you.