Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 15 April 2016

Sherwood Forest

 These are the photos I took on my way over to Dad's on Wednesday evening.  I had not previously walked there but had noticed the little layby next to footpath signs in some woodland near Clumber Park so thought there might be something worth having a look at.  I parked up and went exploring.

It turned out to be an RSPB reserve within Sherwood Forest and was dotted with dire warnings about keeping dogs on leads in the fenced areas between 1 March and 31 August.  This was a bit depressing initially until I realised that the main footpaths ran between the fenced areas so the dogs could stay off the lead nearly all the way.  Yay for sensible footpath design!!

I started out walking down a wide track with mature trees which loomed impressively above me.

As you can see the, the surrounding countryside is not particularly stunning but just because there wasn't any hills doesn't mean it wasn't pretty.

The sun even peeked through.

Choices, choices.   Which way to go.  I decided to head in the direction of the interesting looking trees rather than the open heathland.  Maybe next time when the heather is blooming.

And then the gorse appeared.  I admit to doing some sniffing after Peridot mentioned in a comment that she was "a little obsessed" with the scent of gorse.  I must have a rubbish sense of smell because I could hardly detect a scent.  A very delicate medicinal whiff at best!  But it's very scenic.

Next up some picturesque looking cattle.  I KNOW you've told me what sort these are Peri but I can't remember and have been wracking my brains...

The big, ancient trees started appearing at this stage.  Gorgeous.

We were allowed to run in this bit!

I was HAPPY!!

A lovely patch of old woodland, all mossy greenness and full of rabbits, hares, pheasants and birdsong. I half expected Robin Hood or a Merry Man to appear.

Then back to the car with a hint of spring in our step.


Seren said...

Beautiful - when I was young and we used to travel from Essex up to North Yorkshire for holidays, we would always stop off in the vicinity of Clumber Park. So nice to see some proper signs of Spring!


Peridot said...

Your countryside correspondent says:

Gorse smells coconutty - but it needs some sun to bring the scent out. Keep sniffing!

The cows are Longhorns (my 2nd favourite breed of cow).

I'm glad you were happy! Amazing what a little sunshine will do!