Sunday, 17 April 2016

No Goddess here!

Sadly my golfing prowess did not live up to the potential shown on Wednesday.  In fact I was more of a Golfing Donkey than Golfing Goddess today.  There were flashes of good golf and at one point I could have turned my round into a respectable one but that did not happen and it went from mediocre to poor to downright bloody awful!.  So bad indeed that the assistant pro went out of his way to take the mick out of me when he saw my card "Lesley - you did know that it was an 18 holes comp, not a 9 hole comp??"  Sarky git.

Still, it was beautiful and sunny and fresh and Rich and I had a great day out.  You can't worry too much about golf with views like this!  Hopefully this was a blip and the Goddess will be back on Wednesday as I'm in the lead at the halfway mark in the first big Board Competition of the season!

I've been thinking about the sticky scales (again).  While doing so it occurred to me that I have not renewed my high blood pressure prescription for over 2 weeks now.  I had been aware of it but sort of thought that it was only a couple of days.  It's only when I worked it out that I realised how long it has been since I last took my pills.  Gulp.  I wonder if not taking them has upset my body/metabolism and contributed towards the slowing down of weight loss?

Who know?  However, whether or not it is affecting my weight loss, I NEED to get back on the pills and will be calling the doctors first thing tomorrow morning! The many chores required to keep my life ticking over sometime get on top of me but it is the first time that I've been more than a few days late renewing my prescription.  Priorities Lesley, priorities!!

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Peridot said...

Beautiful views although I am afraid I subscribe to the school of thought that describes golf as"a good walk spoiled"!

Wishing you a speedy return to golfing godessry though.