Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Weigh in 3 (and football, golfing, darts and dominoes updates)

I told my football and quiz mate Richard (via email) that I was going "to my weigh in" before the game last night and he replied quick as a flash "who are you fighting?".  I replied "Sadly, at my weight it would have to be Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury!".  But not for long hopefully

I shed a further 5 lbs last week taking me to a total drop on LL this time around of 21 lbs or one and a half stone!!  I'm so chuffed with that.

I dropped in early for my weigh in and to pick up next week's batch of chemical dust and then dashed across town to get to the match against Blackburn.  We had a full house in the pub beforehand as all the part timers creep out of the woodwork now that we are in with a good chance of making the play offs!  Actually it's great to see loads of people enjoying the footie after so long in the doldrums

The game itself was pretty cagey and Blackburn scored first when they caught us on the hop less than a minute into the second half.  However, our boys are patient now and soon equalised and then, after a very soft sending off of a Blackburn player, we were never going to lose and soon went 2-1 up and held on to our lead for the precious 3 points!  Only a few games to go and hopefully we can hold on in 5th or 6th place for the play offs.....

Anyway, enough of that rubbish.  I was golfing again this morning.  Yet another medal which was hard work in the freezing cold, windy, showery 3 seasons in one day conditions.  Once again I was playing like a veritable Goddess on the front 9 and scoring beautifully.  Then the showers turned into a brief but freezing, lashing hailstorm.  We dragged on full waterproofs and it soon passed but left our hands and gear cold and wet and I slipped up for ONE hole.  I got it back together after that but not to Goddess level and I ended up with a very creditable par score.  Not many people will have managed that in those conditions so I'm pleased with that.

(Update- I've just had my "Howdidido" email and discovered that my handicap has been CUT  by 1.2 shots despite only playing to par.  Everyone else's scores must have been rubbish!!)

Anyway, the gratifying weigh in result is continuing to keep me honest on this infernal diet but I'm still determined not to stay on it for any more than 5 more weeks.  That will be 8 weeks of proper dieting (not counting Dublin).  I would love to drop another 21 lbs taking me to 3 stone off but if I don't quite make that, I'm sure I'll drop a few more when I go onto a more relaxed regime afterwards.

I'm missing eating suppers with Rich and preparing meals for us and, to be honest, so is he.  He's not complaining or anything and won't let me cook for him but I can tell that his heart is not in cooking!! (Out of interest, I was re-re-re-reading the early days of my blog to see how I coped with LL first time round.  I had forgotten how much cooking I still did for D; I thought he had done most of it but it seems that I was still cooking loads of evening meals and doing the shopping!!)

Righto - I had better get ready for darts and dominoes this evening.  It is the last league game of the season and we cannot do anything in the doms but Rich's darts team can come 1st, second or third depending on what is in some missing results from other teams and how they do this evening!!  Most likely not first but second is very do-able.  I have fingers crossed for him which is going to make playing dominoes tricky....

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Seren said...

Oh well done, that's a fantastic result! You're doing fantastically well.

Hope darts went well for Rich - I have fingers and toes crossed for a win.