Friday, 8 April 2016

Tried and tested (and tired)

Darts and dominoes last night (Wednesday) was a bust.  The other team who had cancelled the game Rich and I should have missed while we were in Ireland then made it very difficult to rearrange the fixture.  Rich was ringing and ringing but no reply and we then eventually heard by chance from someone else that we were, apparently, playing them last night - nice of them to let us know!

However, as it was the last chance to play the fixture, we all turned out despite not really wanting to and the pub kindly put on sandwiches and chips at late notice.  And then they didn't bother!  Only 3 out of 8 bothered to turn up so both darts and dominoes were conceded.  On the plus side, we get 3 points for each which meant that Rich's darts team has secured second in the League.  On the downside, it is just rude and no way to treat people, not least the 3 embarrassed members of their own team, one of whom turned out despite being quite poorly, who were clearly royally cheesed off with the rest of their mob.

I wish they had told us in advance then I wouldn't have got changed; put make up on; walked up to the pub in the freezing cold; drunk gallons of sparkling water and diet coke making me feel bloaty from the fizz; mournfully watched others eating sandwiches and chips and just generally felt rubbish for a couple of hours.

I woke up this morning ready to go to work but, after my shower, decided I wasn't up to it so worked from home instead. My eternal cough of doom,which has never quite disappeared since Christmas Day, came back and I had a grotty night.

I'm so pleased I have the WFH option as it turned into a very productive day after a most unpromising start.   Lots of work done; the cough has subsided a bit; a lovely lunchtime walk with the dogs; and I managed to get rid of my old car which was clogging up our driveway and do a friend a favour in the process!

I bought a lovely new car at the end of February but hadn't been able to get rid of the old one as the battery died (the DAY before I was due to pick up the new one) and wouldn't be jump started leaving it stranded on the driveway.  Not taxed or insured and difficult to shift it looked like being scrapped despite being MOT'd until September.  However, my pal Kerry was in urgent need of cheap (free) wheels to tide her over for a few months and luckily had friends who got it going so now she has transport (btw she HAS taxed and insured it!!).  I'm pleased as, although it is not worth much, it was still too good to be scrapped quite so soon and it's nice to be in a position to help a mate out just when she needed a hand.  (Also, it's a convertible so hopefully she will enjoy one summer of top down driving!)

I walked the dogs at lunchtime and felt stronger striding up the big hill than I have for a while then off to french straight after work.  Dashed back from that in order to get to the NEXT darts and dominoes game this evening!  This time the semi-finals of the Cup in both darts and doms.

Like last night I didn't really feel like it as I have had a busy day and was flagging but make up on and off I went.  And, once again, didn't play!  This time it was not due a no-show.  I was drawn in the 3rd pair and our first and second pairs won so Terry and I weren't needed.  Through to the final next week - wooo hooo!

Terry was doubly lucky as he was drawn in the 3rd pair for darts too and didn't have to play that either as the boys won 2-nil in that as well!  So, the White Hart B team are finalists in both darts and doms, get us!

Despite the pleasure of the win, it was still a tough evening really.  I'm sick of sparkling water and diet coke - too fizzy.  The flabby white bread sandwiches looked divine (I know!  I wouldn't normally give a damn about them!).  The chips WERE divine - I snaffled 4 or 5 before I copped on - hot, crispy, soft in the middle - mmmmmm.  Gaaah!  This next 4 and a half weeks are going to be tough but I'm going to stick it out.

I'm WFH again tomorrow so have a morning swim planned and then golfing in the early evening with Rich and his brothers at Abbeydale in Sheffield.  The weather looks alright so I'm looking forward to that.  At least when you're golfing you're not watching people eat!

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Go to the GP about that cough!