Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Running further (but not faster)

It's been hectic over the last few days so I'll squeeze a quick update in before I fall asleep on the sofa.

I went for a run in the gorgeous sunshine yesterday.  We went up to Bamford Rec and ran along the old railway route up to the Ladybower reservoir and back.  To be honest, we didn't get all the way to the dam wall as this would have been waaay longer than my current running distance but we hit the gate not far before it.  And the total distance was 5.85km taking me to 15.25km of my marathon target.  I'm getting there.

The glorious Bamford Edge.

A carpet of yellow aconites.

I must admit to stopping for a chat - well, I couldn't not pass the time of day with Rich's mum, Sue could I?

A new footbridge has appeared at Bamford Mill!  All shiny and fresh and not as worryingly "bouncy" as the last one. But retaining its rustic charm.

Tuesday evening was a trip into Sheffield for the football  - Sheffield Wednesday vs MK Dons.  On the face of it MKD are locked at the bottom of the league and should have been easy meat.  But we diehard fans know better.

We knew it would be a tough game and it was.  A sluggish first half left us at nil nil.  We picked up spectacularly in the second but sadly so did the defence of our opponents.  We hit the woodwork 4 times, 2 world beating saves from their rookie keeper and desperate defending from them across the board.  So it ended as a stalemate,  Luckily Cardiff, our nearest rival lost so we ended up clawing our way to a 6 point lead over 7th place.  We fight on.

Today I was, of course, golfing.  I did not follow up my good round from last Wednesday and ended up in 7th place.  Gah! That's all I'm going to say about that!  But it was good exercise in lovely sunshine.

This evening I had to go into Sheffield for my weigh in so arranged to meet up with Kerry for a walk beforehand.  She took me for a magical walk through the heart of the city from Endcliffe Park along Porter Brook out into the countryside.  It was gorgeous.  Very busy with folk running, jogging, walking dogs, cycling and just sitting enjoying the evening but lovely nonetheless.  The dogs were excited to be in the big city (which looked very countrified to be honest) and trotted around sniffing and snuffling.

She tells me that you can walk along this route all the way out to The Fox House pub on the moor between Sheffield and the Hope Valley.  We're going to do it later this summer when I can have a nice meal at the pub at the end of it!

Amazingly I didn't take any photos as Kerry and I were too busy chatting.  Next time.

Anyway, onto the weigh in.  I was very pleased with 5 lbs off taking me to a total of 26 lbs in 6 weeks (well, 5 if you don't count our trip to Dublin).  So close to 2 stone.  I'm planning on another 3 weeks on the strict plan before I go back to at least some eating.  Hopefully I can manage at least another 9 lbs so I make 2 and a half stone off in this strict phase.  That's the aim anyway.

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