Thursday, 28 April 2016

Weigh in result

And it's a good one. Despite eating and drinking on Sunday and Monday I managed to drop 4 lbs last week taking me to 2 stone 2lbs off in total. I am very pleased and happy with that. 2 more weeks to go until I go back to 'normal' dieting. Hopefully I will hit 2 and a half stone off.

I asked the counsellor about coming to class every 4 weeks so that I can buy enough packs for 5:2 or 4:3 and to maintain some accountability and she was fine with that. So that's the plan afterwards.

In fact I am phasing in eating anyway due to the dictates of my golfing schedule. We are playing in the Bank Holiday mixed on Monday and I will be tucking into a tasty post match meal then and am very much looking forward to it already thank you!

Life is exceedingly busy as the moment. Work is very hard and pressured due to chronic understaffing. So much so that I'm considering looking elsewhere. Partly, I admit, for the sheer pleasure of saying "up yours" to certain management who pretend to be understanding while heaping on pressure and expecting more, more and yet more from less.

However, I'm conscious that this would probably be a) cutting my nose off to spite my face - where else will I find such commodious working from home and flexible leave arrangements and b) risking jumping out of the frying pan into the fire  - where else will be any better??

As well as work we have footballing commitments and a huge number of golfing dates. Matches, knockout comps, away days; it's tough!! I'm trying to find dates for a weekend away with my girly pals (so we can catch up with Steph who missed York) and it is proving very tricky. Then another mate has suggested a few days golfing in La Manga - HA!

But better than sitting around doing nothing but eating!!


Seren said...

Great result, well done. And good that you have a plan as to what comes next.

Not so great about the work side of things though. In my lower moments, I dream about throwing it all in to go and run a caff on the Isle of Mull - fancy a partnership?? :)


Peridot said...

I make good cakes - can I come in on this caff please?!

And 4lbs off is a well deserved reward for all your effort.