Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sporting Sunday

After our big day out yesterday I was not terribly excited about heading off to the golf club this morning but who can resist enjoying themselves with views like this.  The grey, rainy morning quickly cleared up and by the 5th hole we had a bit of sunshine peeking through.

I didn't play terribly well but I can feel my consistency and timing coming back after the long, footsore winter so hopefully I'll play well this spring and summer.  Lots of matches coming up and hopefully some fun trips.

Bright flashes of daffodils in the trees really cheer you up, unless your ball is buried in a clump which NEARLY happened to me today!

It is still tough golfing on the packs.  I have a shake for breakfast but am feeling "empty" just over half way through so have to eat a bar which then leaves you a bit short for the rest of the day.  Still, if I have to have 5 packs in a day from time to time, it's not the end of the world.  It wouldn't do to faint on the course!!

We're now all curled up on the sofa watching England in the T20 cricket final against the West Indies.  After a very disappointing start, Root and Buttler  Stokes are finally getting going with the bat but it's not looking good to be honest.

Once this is over I'll have to head off to the Quiz Finals night.  I haven't told you have I??  We lost the league by the closest margin imaginable - 0.004 point average which equates to about 3 questions over the entire season.  We led from the first day and then were pipped on the very last day 3 weeks ago but we like the winning team so have decided not to whinge too much.  We are in the final of the Cup this evening so all is not lost although we don't really fancy our chances.

It will be tricky not drinking and driving everyone round for the traditional pre-Finals pub crawl and then avoiding the buffet.  But I CAN do it!  I'm hopeful of a decent drop on Tuesday so am not going to spoil all my hard work on a few scabby sandwiches!

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Stephbospoon said...

This is very impressive - I am in awe of your willpower! I suppose it makes it easier to stick to when you are certain of getting a good drop each week. I have been tempted by your success but am not sure if I could hack it