Sunday, 1 May 2016

Catching up - runs and shopping

I feel as though I've been running to catch up recently so I'm enjoying a quiet morning of chores and contemplation. While Rich is out golfing this morning I took the dogs for a run.  I was intending to go up to Bamford and run along the old railway track route again as we did a few weeks ago.  But I felt tired (maybe those 3 now unfamiliar pints had caused a bit of a hangover) so I nearly chickened out.  Luckily I remembered a bit of chimp management and I downgraded it to a shorter, local route.  Just the short run over the fields to Brough and back along the road. Once we got out there it was great.

I didn't take any photos today though so no stopping  for a breather which meant that, although I didn't run as far as yesterday, it felt just as tiring.

Oh, that's right - I didn't discuss my run in yesterday's football obsessed post!  We went out first thing round Hope and Aston and had a lovely Saturday morning leg stretcher - 4.50km so heading for 3 miles.

My marathon total is therefore increased by yesterday's 4.5km and this morning's 3.2km taking me to an aggregate total of 22.95km - over half way now and my first 2 consecutive days running.  I've not been out for over a week though so need to keep the pressure on and also to get back to swimming - aaargh!!

Anyway, here are my pics from yesterday's route around Hope and Aston.  It started out very nice but got a bit chilly and cloudy as we got further away from Hope - typical!  The sunshine probably lured me into running that little bit further which is no bad thing.  At least it ran off a few calories and kicked up my metabolism a notch before my football inspired pints and curry mini-fest.

l could have turned back early just before this lane but took the longer fork and then, on encountering the hills, regretted it!

I had totally forgotten about this unusual view of Bradwell down the valley.

I am starting to feel stronger while running now; to be confident that I can keep going and stretch out more.  I even started to contemplate running some races either later in the summer or next spring - a 10km or maybe even a half marathon.  I have done them before and know it can be done with some training and application.  Food for thought (and calorie free food at that!).

Now Rich is home we're off to Meadowhell to do some shopping.  I need all sorts of clothes and shoes but bet I don't find what I'm after.   Wish me luck and enjoy what's left of your Bank Holiday weekend!! 

UPDATE: It was indeed hell,  especially as Rich turned the trip into a quest to find him a jacket suitable for semi formal golf club functions. Still we succeeded (in the very last shop I was willing to set foot into).  Without drama, I managed to buy: some bras which actually fit me (including a sports bra which I always struggle with); a pair of good running shoes; some decent running/golf socks; and some nice cropped trousers, all either on sale or spending a voucher. Not too shabby, almost worth the pain!


beth said...

Congrats on the running! PS I would totally sign up with you for a race this summer or fall. Could use the inspiration -- I'm getting (very slowly) back into running after having been injured...

Peridot said...

Beautiful views! And, as ever, I am so impressed with your running prowess.