Saturday, 23 April 2016

Another great day out

Well, it was off to Derby bright and early for us today.  A win would have seen us almost certainly into the play-offs but it was not to be.  We took the lead on 70 minutes and held onto it for 10 minutes but an equaliser came and ultimately a draw was all we could manage.  Cardiff were also drawing but were awarded a late penalty in injury time so are now only 4 points behind us, with 6 points to play for and we play them next week!!  While we are in the driving seat, it is NOT assured or comfortable.

The great thing is that we played really well against a tough team who are already in the play-offs so there is every chance that we will beat Cardiff at home next week.  Even a point will do it.

I'm nervous, really nervous.

Anyway, we went to our usual pub in Derby, The Alexandra Hotel and enjoyed our usual good time before the game.  No breakfast today though as it was an early kick-off so we were all starving by the end of the game which probably explained why the boys were extra, erm, giddy drunk and I succumbed to some real food.  I had forgotten my bar which was a rookie mistake and just couldn't last so bought a salmon, pearl barley, spelt and green lentil salad with lemon and dill dressing from WH Smiths of all places.  God - did it taste good!!

Our mate Briggsy.

The ground was pretty full and there was a great atmosphere - lots of singing from both sets of supporters and lots of good action to enjoy.  It was everything a game of football should be a lot more often than it is.

The National Anthem was sung before the game for St George's Day too which was a nice touch.

Derby County FC may have dropped the ball somewhat in the attention to detail stakes.....this one of 3 such posters seen in the ladies loo

The boys headed off to the chippie for chips and kebabs while I tucked into my virtuous salmon salad.

I suspect it may not be the best of weeks for me this week.  Not only has there been some contraband consumed today but tomorrow we're off back down to Derby (Breadsall Priory) for a golfing break with some couples from the club (think we'll be the youngest and probably the poorest by some margin).  I will be eating real food while we're there.  I'm not paying for a hotel and not eating.  I will be sensible though and hopefully it won't cost me too much.  Not too much to drink and we'll be golfing too.

The scales have seen a further drop taking me to 2 stone off for the last couple of days.  Pleasingly, I feel much thinner in jeans and around my face and neck and the long walk to the ground was a breeze compared to a few weeks ago.    

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Peridot said...

I can definitely see the difference in your face.