Tuesday, 12 April 2016


This evening's weigh in was, as I suspected, unspectacular.  A stay the same, to the same decimal point even.  Hmmm    I have already put that week behind me and fervently hope that the new one is better than the last!

Knowing that the poor result was imminent made sticking to the diet very hard today.  There was birthday cake on the table behind me at the office and my chimp started with the old "well, you're not going to drop anything this week, you may as well have some cake and start again tomorrow".  And on it went...

I did not yield.

But it was hard.

The pics are some I took on Sunday morning on a very quick, rushed even, dog walk.  It is the walk I do when I haven't got much time and it's likely to be muddy in the fields.  It's just a lane through the fields heading up to the local cement works.  I march up to the end, turn around and march back, it takes about 30 minutes.  The dogs like it as they are off the lead for the whole walk.  Not very exciting.

Sounds terribly unglamorous doesn't it?  But, as I walked along, it occurred to me how lovely it was. The sun was shining, the grass is greening up after its glum winter, the sheep were looking fat and happy (no lambs in this field), the dogs were snuffling around in the undergrowth and my stressy little heart sang a little. (Only stressy because we had to fit in loads before heading off to golf, nothing sinister BTW.)

And here we are at the halfway point - the cement works!

Minty runs off hopefully at this point as she wants us to go across the golf course or around the fishing ponds but, no - Mum is a cruel, heartless mum today and calls her back!  Hey ho.

I need to start waking up a little more often and appreciating everyday good things more.  Especially now that everyday good things do not include buttery toast, mashed potatoes, meat, bread, sweets, wine, bacon, cappucino, pasta pesto, risotto, curries, beer......well, you get the idea.

Only 4 weeks to go, and counting.

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