Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Cold, bright walk round Bradwell

I thought I had missed the boat for posting these photographs as we were into spring.  However, seeing as it is brass monkeys today and we have had hail and sleet, I have decreed that it is not too late for this batch.  It was a fantastic walk.  I finally felt well through the eternal cough of doom (it proved to be a false dawn as it happened) and headed right up to the very top of the hill above Bradwell, further than we've been before!


Stephbospoon said...

Been doing some family research & my Great Grandma was born in Bradwell. Never been so its nice to see some pics. Keep up the stellar work!

Lesley said...

Come and see us!! I won't drag you up the really big hill, just a few littl'uns!!

Stephbospoon said...

I may just take you up on that offer!!

Peridot said...

I too have eternal cough of doom, sigh.

Lovely pics!