Thursday, 31 March 2016

Sunny day

I was in a sunny mood as I walked into town from the office this lunchtime and this lovely view of the Yorkshire Heart of Steel in front of the Minster caught my eye as looking particularly pleasing.  Somewhat ironically today when steel is very much NOT at the heart of Yorkshire, sadly.  It would be so sad for Rotherham and Sheffield to lose what is left of that once great industry so I hope and pray that a solution to Tata's departure can be found.  How much more must towns like Rotherham suffer?

Anyway, on to something that I CAN influence - my weight.  I was extremely gratified by  yesterday's weigh in - 1 solitary lb on.  That is really not bad after 5 days off the diet in Dublin of all places. The walking and general restraint must have helped but I think the most important thing was not going off the diet until the last minute and getting straight back on it once we got home.  It is so easy for justifiable departures from a diet to expand from the event you've decided to eat at to the days around it and it is these extra days which usually do the damage.

I have been hungry today but stuck to my guns and managed a couple of brisk walks as well.   It was always going to be a tough day after a few days' leave anyway with the explosion of emails to cope with! Tomorrow, when I'm working from home, should be easier.  I'm aiming for a swim, a quick dog walk and a longer dog walk with my pal Kerry after work.  It's great now that you can do stuff after work!

I'm struggling to resist the diet maths - those siren sums and calculations working out how much you can drop if you lose X per week and what size you might be in X weeks etc etc.  Generally I can resist the call of the maths but this time I have a long way to go and the eternal calculations seem to help me 'fast forward' a bit.  I'm a bit gutted how big I had allowed myself to get to be honest.

But, as I'm sure I say in comments to various folk, regrets don't do anyone any good so enough of that.  Hope you're all having good weeks and enjoying any sunshine coming your way.

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Peridot said...

You're so right about holiday eating miraculously expanding! And leads to other expanding too, sigh.

Also can empathise on the 'fast forward' dreaming. It has never worked for me but I keep on doing it (idiot that I am). Hope it DOES work as a prediction for you though.