Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Be goooooood!!

I have a packed weekend ahead of me: chores for the rest of this morning (and hopefully walking the dogs while it's still sunny); guests arrive; off to Hillsborough and the pub and then the football (it's an evening game on Sky at 5.15pm); then straight into town for a meal and cavorting (or maybe a bit of salsa-ing or something). Tomorrow: recovering from hangover and quiz.

Because of that, I've had a peek ahead in Beck and seen what's next and decided to postpone it until Monday/Tuesday. I was ahead of myself by a couple of days anyway. I don't think it would be appropriate to be judging my hunger levels (Day 10 I think) and then actually experiencing hunger by missing lunch (Day 11) when my schedule is so chaotic.

So this post is to put a marker down for myself that, although I'm not going to be progressing in the book this weekend, that's NO reason not to implement what I've learnt so far!! I can still read my cards; sit down when I eat; eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful and build spontaneous exercise into my everyday life. Just because I have visitors does not give me licence to pig out. They probably won't want to anyway - James is trying to drop Christmas poundage and Nicola is in training with her rowing club so we can all be healthy together (apart from the beer!)

So, that's me told!! I'd better get on with the chores now.


Isabelle said...

Hope you're having a good weekend.

Mrs said...

Hi Gorgeous

How was your weekend? Did you manage to have the weekend you wanted?!

Are you finding the cards useful? Do you write your own messages ie are they like personal affirmations?

Will be thinking of you this week as you take Beck with you to the next stage!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxx

Peridot said...

How was the weekend? Did you follow your good intentions through? I bet you did!