Saturday, 3 January 2009


Claire said...

And perhaps that is your challenge - find a third path. My sister's fella is away a lot and they row once he returns - it's that thing about him messing up her routines etc. She misses him but gets used to him gone - then he returns and drives her crazy!

I don't know the answer - maybe discussing it and what you both get wound up by. Surely there must be some way of either avoiding stress or just keeping out of each other's way til everything settles in again.

Maybe it's because you miss them so much that you create a fixed routine (or put a lot of energy into NOT missing them)- that then they mess with. Routine makes us feel safe and secure - and maybe you need that whilst he's not around. I dunno...I think I'd be like that if my fella was away for a while!

C said...

I just wanted to send a note to encourage you to stay on your path, whichever one it is that makes you happy. Continue to exercise and find joy in your lovely pictures and your doggies. I love to read your blog and it encourages me.