Monday, 12 January 2009

Blogging works - it's official!!

I worked from home today and I was determined to complete the task I set myself. Usually, I'm a bit of a slacker at home and find lots of other little chores to do as well as my work but today I had to concentrate.

So, I didn't even walk the dogs and let them go out for a long muddy tramp in the rain with the dog walker as they would do if had gone to work.

The plan was to do my work task and then go for a run in the evening. Of course, by the time evening comes, you're tired and it's dark, cold and raining. There's every chance that you're NOT going to do the run. And so it was this evening....I was starting the process of justifying why I wouldn't do the run:

"It's dark, cold and raining."
"I'll go on Wednesday lunchtime instead"
"I need to do loads of housework so that'll be good exercise, hoovering and making up beds etc"

I'm sure you've heard it all before.

Anyway, before I closed off my computer I checked into a few blogs and read the following selection:
  • A comment on my blog from Peridot which reminded me about how much she dislikes running and yet she persists with it. Also my comment to her jokingly asking her to pop up from London and drag me out next time she's going for a jog.
  • A post from Mrs Lard referring to a nutjob who apparently only eats 2 clementines and a grilled chicken or fish all day every day. I (rightly I believe) derided this so-called "nutritionist" as a nutjob but then got to thinking that it's easy to mock from the comfort and inactivity of a chair, at least this woman has the courage of her convictions and is serious about her determination to remain slim. [I still think life is too short to eat like that though!!]
  • My own targets from my last post. It reminded me what I want to achieve (slim size 14) and told me that I should be doing 4 lots of exercise this week. And exercise is not going to do itself is it??

So, the upshot is that I got changed and headed out into the cold, dark, rainy night (did I mention that it was cold, and dark and raining??!) and managed a brisk 2 1/2 miler in 30 minutes. It was hard but I'm soooo pleased that I did it. It's my first night time run for a long time so that's another barrier broken too.

So a massive thanks to everyone for taking the time to share their storeis and inspirations. The above 3 posts were just 3 of many many inspiring blogs and posts which all take effect in their own way and they all help.....oh dear, now I'm sounding like Kate Winslet making a complete hash of her acceptance speech for her Golden Globes (I mean Golden Globe Award, Golden Globes sound a bit rude....!

Well, ta everyone for everything.


C said...

I am so glad you broke some barriers. Good girl. I am going to exercise 4 to 5 days a week starting this week. I did 4 days last week. Huge improvement for me. Hang in there. It will pay off.

Lainey said...

Well done! It is SO hard trying to motivate yourself to exercise when it's dark outside.

Good on ya lady.

Mrs said...


I'm back! Officially. Still without a laptop of my own but able to access my gmail account, which allows me to comment! Aha!

Sooo much to say - too much in a comment! First, the woman I talk about - facialist to the stars - has an insane way of eating so you were correct. Nutjob made me LOL! But she is slim, something we aspire to so let's take something from that article...determination! And that's it.

In a way, you have hit the nail on the head - exercise WON'T do itself. I love that phrase so much, I may pinch it (with full copyright attributed!!!).

I've been here, there and everywhere with food so something's got to happen at my end. You are doing well and as I commented on P's blog, I think CBT may be helpful for us in those difficult moments.

Anyway, the technology challenge still remains for me but blogging definitely does work - because it's about connecting with others. Who understand.

We CAN do this Lesley, absolutely we can!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxxxxxxx

Peridot said...

Hey, good for you running girl! I think it does take particular discipline to go out in the cold, wet and dark when the lure of the sofa is stronger than ever so plaudits and metaphorical bouquets to you. I've sloped off to the gym to do my runs now - really cannot run round the park at 6.15am in the cold, wet, dark etc Actually the treadmill does force me to keep my pace up but alarms me on the heart rate thingy - I got up to 182 yesterday! How high do you go before your heart explodes?! What doesn't kill us makes us slimmer.... (or so I hope!).

Peridot x

PS Chuffed and amazed that I can inspire anyone (other than to be what I am not!)