Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A good day

Some pics from my semi snowy drive to work this morning. This one is just outside my house.

The Ladybower Reservoir just outside Bamford.

View from the A57 (Snake Pass) looking back towards Win Hill and Kinder.

I did pretty well today and worked really hard as well. I'm knackered now but have banished the Blues at least. Mrs L tells me that yesterday was officially the most depressing day of the year - I don't know why but it certainly felt that way for me so I'll not discount those stories on the news any more...I am that statistic!!

Foodwise, I still haven't got my act together to organise whatever diet I'm going to be following in conjunction with Beck but, luckily, I got to the point in the introductory paragraph where she explains that I shouldn't actually start to diet for 14 days. She says I should prepare myself for the diet and start putting all the CBT stuff into effect before leaping in head first. Suits me fine!!

I have been stellar today though - 2 pieces of wholemeal toast with butter and jam and a cappucino for brekkie; a Shapers wrap, yoghurt and water for lunch; pasta for supper and 2 pieces of fruit. No snacks, no grazing and not much temptation either. Although being massively busy has helped.

And exercise too - personal training this morning and a run with Shelley this evening. I nearly cancelled the run as I had a report to redraft before I leave for a course in London tomorrow but, in the end, decided to prioritise the exercise and take the opportunity of running with a friend rather than pushing it down the line. See - I learned from Friday's experience when I did everything else first and then was too tired and unmotivated to run. And it worked - I came back from the run, had supper and then came up here and finished my report.

My reward for all this hard work is that I can have a lie-in tomorrow morning before my mid-morning train. Or maybe go for another run - that could be pushing it though!!

So - bed now but I wanted to report the good side of not eating, namely that I feel a lot more hopeful at the mo and I'm not even dieting!!!


Peridot said...

Wow - I'm impressed. As ever. I do wish I could be more like you! I really look forward to watching you progress on the Beck book.

Peridot x

Claire Elliott said...

Hi Lesley

Just checking in. Interesting reading certainly gives food for thought (pardon the pun)the pub observation... I never remember having eating in moderation it is always determined by mood. Even now as I type I have had 23 weight watchers points one and a half left, stressful meeting tomorrow so considering eating 6 points... I don't know!! Anyway, good luck on your journey, new year new start. I'll keep checking in. Lots of love Claire xx (p.s. photos fab as always)

ThickChick said...

The not dieting plan seems to be working for you! I am eager to hear more about this plan!