Friday, 30 January 2009

Short and sweet-ish

After a few days of being busy, having a nasty hacking cough and trying to follow Beck, I can now see the importance of the reminder system she pushes so hard. At first, when you're all in the first flush of the new system, you can't imagine not reading the cards or thinking about the new ways of doing things (eating sitting down and slowly etc).

But, after a few days, the old ways start to creep back in and you suddenly realise that you've missed 2 reminders to read your Response Card because you were "busy"! And, hey, what are you doing, standing up by the counter "just" popping a few bites of crispy overheated pitta bread (that you were actually about to the feed to the dogs!!) into your trap??

So. I'm posting this as a marker for myself that I've got to keep using that resistance muscle and keep reminding myself to use it. I want to get to the point where it's automatic and not unpleasant to limit myself or to exercise because I'm slim, healthy, fit and active and I appreciate that that's better than staying in and having a round of toast with butter and jam!!!

That said, I'm feeling a bit frustrated because I haven't actually started the diet yet so haven't lost a great deal of weight. I may have dropped a lb or so. So maybe that's why I was wavering a little last night. Annoyingly, this stage of the diet has also coincided with the "fat" stage of my cycle which is not great.

I am still mightily impressed by the power she seems to have had over me and so quickly. Normally I want to snack nearly all the time in the evenings. No sooner have I finished one thing, a cup of tea and a pear say, than I'm seeking the next. Often, I run out of okay things to eat: yoghurts, fruit, cold meat etc and move onto toast, biscuits or whatever else I can find. Or, I don't but it's a constant battle.

Over the last week or so (since I started reading the first few pages of the intro really), I have hardly snacked at all in the evening. In fact, on reflection I can state that I have NOT snacked at all, I've only walked into the kitchen in search of snacks a few times and then left. It's very liberating.

Also, in the same timescale, I have not had a single morsel from the snack table at work!

This is a bit of a realisation for me as I type - I hadn't realised what progress I've made - I'm literally patting myself on the leg and saying "well done"!!

Looking back over the last fortnight, the new danger times for me seem to be on the road/train/in town. The unscheduled coffees and pastries. So, that's is what I'll work on next.

Wish me luck!


Peridot said...

Amazing as always! I'm not finding it quite as revolutionary as you but when I finish doing the daily thing I might go back, read it all and take a few notes on the bits I find useful.

Have a good weekend.

Peridot x

Mrs said...

Well, WHAT a post. I TOTALLY get the constant reminder thing, I really do.

What's really great is that you realised how far you HAD come when you looked back!!

And as you know, we share our trigger points around...transport!!

I think very good progress, Mrs D!!!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxx

Ameythist said...

Have you give yourself credit????
That is important too.........
Well done. luv Am xx