Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 23 January 2009

Be good Lesley, be good!

Following Isabelle of "In this Life" I went for a walk in search of signs of spring on Wednesday morning. Derbyshire is emphatically NOT even thinking about spring yet so I'm embracing winter! Here, snow on the far hills:

Wintry haze and my lovely home village, Bamford nestling under Bamford Edge:

Pretty red berries:

I'm off to Norfolk for the weekend to see an old workmate and her family. I know she is pretty sensible about food so there is every chance that I will be too but I'm posting this morning to reinforce the message. I'm going to read Beck at lunchtime and start Day 1 today. It's as good a time as any.

So, wish me luck and happy not-eating.

I'm also going to try for a run unless we go for a very good walk. Don't know what is scheduled. and don't know the area. The only downside is that her husband is allergic to dogs so I can't take the girls and I know it'll probably be the sort of place they would LOVE so I'll be a frustrated dog walker all weekend!
I read Days 1 and 2 of Beck today at lunchtime and did my homework. So - I've prepared an Advantage Reading Card (just an index card) setting out 10 reasons "Why I Want To Lose Weight" (Although that Marisa Peer (remember her?!) would not be happy about me saying "lose" weight!!). I've set reminders in my phone to read the cards twice a day and I'm all set.
I did Day 2 at the same time (which you're allowed to do, as I'd already done the work - the task was to select your diet. Well, I'd already decided that I will be following a healthy eating calorie counting diet using either Weight Loss Resources or Spark People (probably the latter as they're free). You also have to nominate a back-up plan so I've gone for Slimming Worlrd or Lighter Life depending on why my first plan didn't work (but hoping of course that it will).
So, it's started. I feel very positive and empowered already - although maybe that's because I'm following a diet without actually being on the diet itself for the next few days! Yippee!
I'm not going mad - in fact today I didn't have breakfast!! Not because I was consciously trying to skip the meal (which I don't think is a good idea) but because I didn't have it at home expecting to eat later and then that didn't happen and suddenly it was 12.30. That NEVER happens to me!! Forget to eat - not me! But it did today which I think is a great sign. And I happily chose the very lightest salad for lunch with no qualms. So, although I'm not officially dieting, I'm not going mad by any means.
Got to run - I've got a big drive to Norfolk (4 hours plus) ahead of me. Have a great weekend everyone.


Mrs said...

Have a great weekend, Lesley. Just caught up with your blog - your posts are like buses...

Yes, it's time to remind ourselves EVERY day what we need to do - that's how we are going to learn.

Hope you get to the coast this weekend in Norfolk; it's gorgeous there - and, yes, doggy heaven! Sadly!

Well done for just keeping on, in spite of the business. And, as usual, GORGEOUS pics!

Big fat kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxx

Isabelle said...

Have fun. We love Norfolk.