Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 9 January 2009

Must keep moving

I haven't taken many photos recently due to the miserable weather so here's an archive one - a walk with my nieces, nephew and a boyfriend (the eldest niece's, not mine...!) on Christmas Day in deepest, darkest Lincolnshire.

Jamie the nephew - down in da hood with his homeys....really, what are they thinking?!

I've had a busy but really enjoyable week at work. Lot to do, lots achieved and everyone in a good mood and having a laugh. Long may it continue. I walked out of the office this evening with a really big grin on my face simply because we'd had a good day. Not that rare I guess but worth remarking on I suppose in these tough times.

The house is looking good too. D has had a nasty cold for a few days but that hasn't stopped him getting the floor laid and fixing lots of little things so that the hallway and kitchen both look tons better. If we could get a coat of paint on in the hall this weekend it would be fantastic.

So, after several miserable posts, I'm feeling a lot more positive. Strange to be so looking forward to a weekend of work and chores!! I suspect it's because when D and I work together we're at our closest.

Foodwise, not really going at a diet with any mojor enthusiasm but definitely dropping a little weight. I have "eased" into it this week rather than hit the road running....which leads me to another thing....

Exercise! Just can't seem to get going. I MUST go running over the weekend. I'm cheesed off with myself that I haven't done any exercise at all this week. I fully intended to go at lunchtime at least twice this week but was either genuinely thwarted by colleagues and meetings or allowed myself to be "too busy". I did not compensate by going running in the evenings either. This time last year, I routinely went running in the evenings with a head torch and all the warm and reflective gear a body can carry....what has changed? My motivation, that's what!

So - running twice this weekend and, thank God, Huw is back next week so at least 2 sessions of personal training each week from now on.

The positive (you know me!) is that I have not piled on the lbs and have managed SOME exercise since he left on his hols in mid December. So - I can and will do it!!

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Claire said...

Hang on...are you saying you haven't piled on the pounds over Xmas? Surely that's a wonderful thing? x