Thursday, 22 January 2009

Move more

At last a still and stately photo of Minty....normally my photos of her tend to be like this:

or this:

Unlike her Ma who is as stately and sensible as they come although rather grumpy in this shot. Bless...

Still, I wish I had half Minty's energy and her flat tum!!

I went down to London for a course yesterday which was, surprisingly as these things almost never are, really good - interesting, informative, thought provoking, useful and fun!! I made some potentially useful contacts and met a couple of people I have previously only emailed or spoken to on the phone so, all in all, very worth the trip.

Normally, travelling on the train and courses are times when I tend to let go of the food reins somewhat. This time - not too bad. I did have a couple of canapes at the do after and a glass of wine but refused much more than I accepted. I ate only a sensible lunuch on the train and no more; no muffin or extra cappucino passed my lips. Then at my friend's house I ate a sensible supper with her and her husband but refused the creme egg afterwards(she is like a lat but still has a houseful of chocolate - how does that work??) and did the same again at breakfast.
I was quite clever this morning and bought a very nice M&S salad so that I could have it as soon as I got to work at lunchtime so no temptation there and no off-piste snacking today either.

BUT - I have not been so good at resisting this evening at home. It fleetingly passed through my mind that I shouldn't have the dessert as I didn't need it but I didn't dwell there and dessert was taken.

I think the reason is that I have not actually read beyone the intro of Beck yet. I have purchased the necessary index cards amd notebook but, what with the travelling, friend, french class this evening and dog responsibilities, there has literally been no time - not even on the train when I was working or doing my french homework. So - 2 days have passed since I last read anything to reinforce the message and that distance allowed me to block out what I knew to be the sensible voice in my head saying "don't eat the crumble Lesley!".

I will not make that mistake again. The book will be read EVERY DAY from now on in.

So - life is very hectic at the moment but there are more ups than downs and I hope I'm winning the war. Hope you are too.


C said...

Hi. I am so glad you are back to posting on a regular basis. I have done pretty well on the food and exercise front this week. You are doing well too. I am going to have to look up this Beck book you are reading to see if it will help me. I do pretty well and then completely fall off the wagon. You know? Keep up the good work.

Crystal said...

Here's to staying in shape and staying accountable during hectic times. You can do it. Just stay focused and positive.