Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Day 3 of Beck

My friends in Norfolk live in a most beautiful converted barn, well, it's their holiday home as they actually live in London but it is gorgeous. I'm suffering a severe case of home envy! It's ancient and listed and the living pod doesn't touch the old oak beams, 4 of which have been dated to 1365!! Fab.

Anyway, as you can see, they are also broadbanded up so I'm taking the opportunity, while Brona finishes off supper, to have a think about food and how I can fit it into normal life. Brona is a good person to be visiting at this time as she appreciates both how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy weight but also that it can be done and that gains can be lost. In fact, she and I went on our first proper diets together back in 1992 and I ended up losing a couple of stone to get down to the weight I am at currently! Typically, she stayed slim until her children whereas I got gradually bigger and bigger....sigh....

She greeted me yesterdy with a comment on how well I looked and how it took her back to what I looked like when we first met! That took me back and reminded me that, whatever I think in my dark moments, I've not been fat forever!! So, all good.

Virtuously, I did make time to run first thing this morning. At 8am, into the cold and frozen Norfolk morning. I should have taken a camera but I only have my big one with me and couldn't run with that thing bouncing around. It was stunning. The sun shining from behind a lovely flint church across a pancake flat field and rabbits running wildly around when I disturbed them. Gorgeous. I hope it's sunny tomorrow morning too so I can take some piccies. I only managed 30 slow minutes (due to the slippy frozen lanes) but I felt good for doing it. Hopefully, I'll do the same again tomorrow, depending on how much wine I drink tonight!!

We haven't done much today, just galumphed about the house, chatting, playing with her boys (5 and 7) and reading the papers. We did go for a decent walk along the beach followed by an all day breakfast in a (only slightly gentrified) greasy spoon. All thoroughly lovely to be honest. I must bring Diarmuid next time!

So, what about food have I concluded?

That it's relatively easy not to go mad, if you know that you are not going to be too deprived. That, as long as I do plenty of exercise and don't snack, I can enjoy a nice meal without painful limitations.

On the Beck front, I have made a point of reading my Advantages Response Card and reading the next day's exercise. This is not terribly relevant to me as it concerns not eating while standing up, or, more correctly, only eating while sitting down. I don't do it that much and don't think I will have too many difficulties in cutting it out. The only problem is likely to be remembering not to sneak the odd mouthful here and there while cooking. I'm pleased that I'm reading the book and doing the exercises though. I hope my perseverence pays dividends.

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for putting up with my navel's important to me to do it.

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Claire said...

I agree. I rarely eat when standing up so I wasn't sure what the relevance of that one was!