Tuesday, 3 February 2009

World in black and white

Virgin snow - no footprints at all.


Ladybower Reservoir in the gloomy snow.

I hope you're all enjoying the snow rather than being stuck in it. We're a bit more used to the bad weather here in the hills than other areas of the country but even so, it was fun yesterday.

I left work early as the snow was coming down and the roads were getting bad so that meant I could take the dogs for a walk before it got too dark. It was great - really snowy and dim - no colours, just black, white and grey. Minty has not seen proper snow before, just a dusting here and there, so she was very excited about it, racing around and sticking her nose in. Unfortunately, I forgot to rub some oil into their fur so they got all balled up with fist size marbles of snow which made Minty have to run in a comical splayed leg stance....very John Wayne!

They were absolutely knackered on the way home though and seriously annoyed with me when I inisted on going in to the back garden for a photo shoot! I told them that it was for my blog, Facebook and D out there on the rig but they still wouldn't crack a smile!!
Foodwise, did I stick to the plan over the weekend?? Well, here is where the shades of grey come into play. I knew it would not be a particularly good weekend as I had friends visiting and we intended to go into town but I was keen to avoid the excesses. I did manage that at least.

I went for a run on Saturday morning to stock up some brownie points. Tick. I also had a healthy lunch before my friends arrived so that I would not be tempted by a chip butty in the pub. Tick. I did have several drinks in the pub before the game and several more afterwards! I was planning on having a reasonably good meal too but was thwarted by the fact that every restaurant we went to was rammed full (honestly, I thought there was a recession on!!). So we ended up having a curry....sigh. Still, I did not eat all of it and managed to leave the table not feeling uncomfortably full which is tricky with curries. So a qualified tick there.

Sunday was a day of tiredness and hangover which is usually a danger time for me. I could have descended into comfort eating watching the snow flurries fall. But I didn't. I had a cooked breakfast, various cups of tea and pieces of fruit and some unauthorised toast. I managed to resist temptation but with difficulty. Peridot spoke of gritting her teeth to not eat an extra square of chocolate. Well, I had to do the same. I actually picked up a packet of shortbread biscuits and was about to open it. I just caught myself and threw the packet onto the top shelf to await some proper guests. Phew.

Yesterday I was straight back on track and had a pretty good day. A long hilly snowy walk and good food choices all round. Today seems to be going well too and I managed to drag myself out to personal training first thing despite the freezing weather.

So, what have I learned?

  • That there are going to be times when my diet regime is under pressure and at those times, I need to plan ahead, read the book and concentrate on sticking to the plan.

  • That, if I go off plan, I should still try to limit the damage and not feel like a failure for what I have eaten.

  • That it is a lot easier to get back on track if you have limited the damage than if you've totally given up and said "oh, I'll start again tomorrow".

  • That exercise helps.


Peridot said...

All looking pretty good to me - and good tactics to stack up for life. Such as having a curry but eating in moderation rather than taking it as a carte blanche to gorge. I think you practised excellent damage limitation (ie managing that clash between social life and diet!)

Peridot x

Claire said...

I agree with Peridot. Looks good to me! How are you getting on with Beck? I made my cards and that was about it!

Mrs said...

Yes to the curry situation!! Five gold stars in my book!!

Thank you for gorgeous pics - a real boost today.

I think by logging everything that's going on you are learning more than maybe you realise!!!

It's still very interesting to read so keep up the Beck teaching!!!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxxxxxx