Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Getting there

I've not managed to stick to perfect abstinence over the last few days but I've been pretty good. When I've eaten, it's been meat and not carbs so not too much of a problem. I've not managed to do much in the way of exercise yet but I have my kit at work so I'm going to have a stab at swimming tomorrow. No, I mean, I'm definitely going swimming tomorrow lunchtime!!

In other news, we're finally getting on with redecorating the hallway and kitchen. New flooring down and painting still to go. yes, I know we've done it the worng way round but D had the chance of cheap instant installation of the floor so took it. Hopefully we'll paint the hall this weekend. Can't wait. It's been grotty and boring with nasty carpet tiles for years and I've no idea why we've put up with it for so long. We kept saying we wouldn't deal with the hall 'til everything else was done but that seems daft now. A bit like weight loss and exercise probably, there's always an excuse for starting.....sigh......

The dogs are not sure about the wooden floors though - they're skidding all over the place and clattering a bit too. Still, much better for muddy pawprints so that's got to be good.

Well, I don't seem to be saying much so I'll stop. Suffice to say, I'm making a start and getting there. Wish me luck....


Ameythist said...

Ooh you definitely need a runner down for the dogs, we have wooden floors and I had to put runners all over as my lad slipped and damaged his leg. My friends dog broke his leg as he was getting that excited and skidded and hit the wall... Well done on the healthy path, I am too winning, focus, focus, focus as Oprah Winfrey says 2009 love your self and get some balance....... luv Am

Peridot said...

Hi Lesley

Sorry, not been around this year yet! Sorry to hear about your row with D - I am sure this is to do with re-adjusting when he comes home and maybe you might both be putting pressure on for that time to be "perfect" which, sadly, in my experience is nigh on impossible. My bf has been ill and v grouchy and touchy and I take it too much to heart so I can empathise with how you must be feeling.


C said...

I wish you all the luck in the world. we are all struggling with the weight loss, eating nutritiously and dealing with relationship and day to day stuff. Hang in there. It is always a joy to read your blog. I am glad that you and D are on better terms and that you are remodeling. We are thinking of remodeling our bedroom and the guest bedroom.

Isabelle said...

Well done you.