Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 25 January 2009

I feel annoying is that?

A bit of property porn for friends' lovely barn conversion. I think my car sets it off nicely, better than their people carrier anyway..

Inside view...

and the kitchen.

And a random sunset taken on my drive home this evening.

Very is the answer. I've been quite good this weekend, not snacked, not had seconds or desserts. Had some wine but not too much. Taken a reasonable amount of exercise.

So, why do I feel so fat this evening? I suppose I'll have to have faith and put it down to TOTM and the fact that I have yet another cold/cough brewing but it's very disheartening. It also makes you want to eat naughty stuff. But I have resisted.

On the positive side, I've read my ARCs and have turned away from off piste eating several times over the course of the day. I had a long drive home from Norfolk but didn't stop anywhere for a cappucino or snack. I had lunch at my parents and turned down dessert and extra goodies. I stopped at the garage near home but didn't buy a snack even though I was taking the car through the car wash (one of many car-related triggers).

All good. Humph...

I'm going to have faith that it's just a blip and hope I feel better tomorrow. Now, I'm off to the inter-village pub quiz sad can I get??! Wish us luck!


Isabelle said...

Well, clearly you don't LOOK fat. And you're being very good, so it'll be fine.

That barn! and it's only their second home! Hmm.

Re your comment: my parents used to be members of the New Club (founded 1787!) and when my dad died, my mum kept on her membership. She can only be an associate member because she's a woman... and therefore can't use all the facilities, eg the ex-smoking room etc.

She takes us there occasionally. Excellent place to eavesdrop on the richish and powerfullish (my dad was quite prominent in business and things). Most people are much posher than us. Loud confident voices (English accents). But probably very nice.

Peridot said...

Oh my god that barn is AMAZING! Sigh....

I guess this weight losing business is an up and downy thing - your previous post was so up but this one's a bit down. Maybe you were feeling sad because you were avoiding all the triggers? Maybe it's because you kind of feel as if you did respond to all those triggers?

It sounds to me like you're doing a fantastic job so hope you get your bounce back soon.

Peridot x