Thursday, 15 January 2009

Not bad Rodders, not bad...

I've felt a bit better today apart from a blinding headache which did not respond to painkillers. Still, much less sneezing and snuffling and much less general achiness.

Foodwise, not perfect but not bad either. I seem to be able to place myself in an adult state and talk myself out of eating bad stuff at the moment so long may that continue. When I'm tempted (nearly all the time), I either remind myself of the "rules" or, if that is not enough, bring out the big guns and repeat what I want, namely to be a slim and fit size 14.

I cancelled this morning personal training session as I was not feeling well and thought it would be a waste and probably set me back. I think it was the right thing to do as now I feel ready to do a light run tomorrow and I'm working from home so that will work well.

So - no big sucesses this last week but no gains and maybe even a lb or so off. Definitely progress on the all important mental side of things.

I'm also more productive at work. Does anyone else notice this? That when they're in the zone with food, other aspect of your life also work well. I have been able to knuckle down and work harder despite feeling grotty over the last 2 weeks and seem to be able to fit in more chores and small tasks. Maybe it's just that January "new broom" feeling??

I'm even looking forward to my run tomorrow. I'll try and take some pics. Night all.


Mrs said...

I see from Peridot's blog that you have got the Beck book. I am SOOOO jealous and so I want a full report!

I have to wait for my order - when there is cash in the bank!

How's it going? Today has been my hardest.

We CAN do this. We ARE doing this.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxx

Peridot said...

How did the run go? I loved your comment about being slim and smug - if I got to being slim I don't think I could help being smug!

Try cold and flu stuff for your head - if I have a headache that doesn't respond (and I am queen of headache) I find that it's often a sinus thing to do with coldiness.

Let's compare Beck notes next week - we may be new women!

Have a good weekend (in all senses of the word!).

Peridot x