Saturday, 17 January 2009

Checking in

Well, I didn't manage my run yesterday but I have just been this morning so not too bad. Only a short run as I'm still not 100% from this cold but I feel better now.

I was really busy yesterday sorting the house out, shopping, preparing for D's brother and his girlfriend who are coming over for a couple of nights tomorrow. I know I could have carved out an hour from all that but, by the time I was ready, I was tired and not in the mood, supper was just about ready and D was due to arrive.

What do I learn from this? That I must prioritise exercise. Do the run first and then the chores and that way I'm less likely to duck out and use the chores as an excuse for not exercising.

That's one of the Beck Solution statements too: make time for diet and exercise.

Re Beck, I have only read the introduction so far and I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to "make time" for the rest of it this weekend. I'm going to the football shortly which will take me through most of the day, then we'll be having supper and going out. Tomorrow will be getting ready (some more) for Nicky and Holly, cooking Sunday lunch, preparing sandwiches for the quiz and then going to the pub for the quiz! In between there somewhere we'll have to walk the dogs too.

So, maybe the book will be next week. I have a train trip to London on Wednesday so that could be the perfect time.

One thing though - I'm not going to do what I normally do with these diet books (not that I've bought many) read it, think about it for a week or so and follow the advice in a half-assed kind of way and then consign it to the shelf.

From what I've read, the programme is a summation of the good CBT stuff from LL and it has got to be the answer for me. I was ticking off statements left, right and centre as I read the introduction. So, why not give it a proper go? The book says there is a 6 week process and after that it's practise, practise, practise.

So, I'm in with Beck for the next 6 weeks. She doesn't mind what reducing regime you follow so I I'n going to do calorie counting with Spark People and incorporate some of the many packs I have lying around for a few weeks too. And exercise as well, of course. If I need help, there's always LL for another refresher course of 4 weeks or so. The important thing for me though is to try and break the back of the mental side of things. To try and get the messages into my head so the good thoughts are right there waiting to be used when temptations and stresses arise.

So - that's the plan, not that different to what I've been saying over the last few weeks but a bit more focussed. Wish me luck. Are you in too Peridot???

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Mrs said...

OMG! That's a busy schedule! For a weekend. Well done, for doing your run.

I really will be fascinated by your progress and wishing you lots and lots of luck!

Out of interest how much weight do you want to lose or are you ready for maintenance?

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx