Monday, 26 January 2009


Me and my pal Brona (wearing her son's hat!!). We hadn't seen each other for nearly 5 years until last weekend so it was great to catch up. We'll not leave it so long again.

On the beach in Norfolk. It's obviously in grave danger of washing away as those are massive sea defences behind me. Do you like the wellies?

Brones and family. The boys really didn't want to walk on the beach but seemed to enjoy it once we had dragged them kicking and screaming away from the cafe!! A bit like me really...

Peridot said she hoped I got my bounce back soon. Well I do too!! It's not back yet but I don't feel so fat any more so I'm assuming that yesterday's fatness was water retention or bloat or something equally horrid. Now, I'm just really tired. I have got yet another cold but this one has manifested itself with a nasty tickly cough. The sort that is really tiring and painful but doesn't actually relieve the tickle....sigh...

Ho hum

Foodwise, I've been a trooper. Not a single morsel of badness has passed my lips today. I didn't touch the biscuit tin or the sweet table at work. Breakfast was a modest portion of muesli and lunch was calorie controlled and healthful from Boots. I'm planning a healthy grilled steak and veggies for supper and a yoghurt for afterwards. I'm also armed to the gills with Beck Response cards to prevent me self-medicating!!

On the Beck front, I'm up to Day 5 now. I have:
  1. Considered and identified why I want to be slim, the advantages of it; written these reasons down and reminded myself to read them at least twice a day and more if I'm tempted to stray.
  2. I've chosen my diet and my back-up diet.

  3. I've learned only to eat while sitting down and reminded myself to do it.
  4. Decided to give myself credit for all the good choices I make and, even if I stray, not to be too hard on myself or view it as a failure as getting back on track quickly would also be worthy of credit.

  5. Pledged to eat slowly and thoughtfully and enjoy every bite. I think this one might be difficult for me as I'm a bit of a bolter and I nearly always eat while reading or watching television unless D and I are eating together. So, I need to really work on this one as my "efficient eating skills" (as I have long thought of them!) are probably contributing to my overeating and to the disconnect I have between hunger and eating.
  6. I've also glanced ahead at tomorrow's task (which I think is going to be a biggie) which is to identify and put in place a diet coach.
As you can see, I'm really taking this one seriously. I'm reading the book every day, making the response cards and not just thinking about it and I'm actually reading the cards too. I really want this to work for me. I genuinely want to be one of thsoe people who can be happy in their decision NOT to eat and be happy about being slim rather than having to battle with temptation and desire to eat all the time. I really WANT to be able to say that I hardly ever eat chocolate or pizza or whatever, not because I have an iron willpower (which I don't) but because I've learned that they're not good for me and I'd rather be slim and fit.

So, that's all for now. Wish me luck in what I suspect is going to be a testing evening avoiding the kitchen's temptations!! I could go out and distract myself from them but I really need to stay in and rest. The worst combination, feeling rubbish and staying in... I CAN do it and I will!!!
PS. It's now nearly my bed time as I have an early start tomorrow morning but I thought I'd report that I've been really good this evening. So, big pat on the back to me as per Beck's instructions! I cooked my meal, ate it slowly and deliberately (while watching Midsomer Murders on Sky Plus but that can't count as a distraction - you only need 2 brain cells to follows that plot!!) and have not snacked or even been terribly tempted all evening. What a relief.
I've also started up my Spark People account and had a look at the site to get ready for when I start my diet proper. Night night all


Peridot said...

What an inspirational post. You're just so.... so... focussed I suppose. And positive. It's very admirable.

What's your diet and your back up diet?

And finally, have you tried honey for your tickly cough? Decent honey (ie not the sugar water they sell in supermarkets purporting to be honey) can work wonders for tickly coughs and sore throats. Especially in hot water with the juice of half a lemon. And Manuka honey is supposed to be amazing as it has natural bacterial qualities - expensive but my mother is already having some success with it.


Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

I've been meaning to post and comment on the sheer gorgeousness of the propery porn!!! I LOVED it.

You look so happy with your chum - how lovely. I hope the weekend was a tonic, in spite of feeling rubbish. HEROIC efforts, it must be said. Hope you are proud - Dr Beck would be!!!!

I am intrigued - what are the response cards???? Please tell us more. I am still Beck-less, which is fine for now.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx