Tuesday, 14 August 2007

New Start 43 (ii) - Poorly Monday

I think I know why I was so tempted all day yesterday - I wasn't well. I've got cystitis but thought it had gone away after treating it with an over the counter remedy over the weekend. Probably all the water I drink masked the symptons too. Well, it hadn't gone away and came back with a vengeance over the course of the day once the treatment had run out! God - it's painful and miserable. It got worse towards evening time and it's obviously gone to my kidneys because I feel as though I've been punched in them repeatedly!!

So - I had a quiet night. D took me for a stroll in the last of the sunshine which was nice - nothing energetic just a pleasant wander round the old railway track and over the stepping stones. We went through the dog's favourite swallow field so she had a blast and she also had a good swim at the Mill. D's been really good with me being poorly - doing all the housework, trying to cheer me up and coming back from the pub when I asked, ie. when I'd finished doing the house buying chores and wanted diversion!!

Foodwise - I took Mrs's advice and stayed away from the kitchen - I even wrote "STOP!" on the back of my hand and it worked!! I had a completely abstinent day - right down to the last mouthful. I feel great about that and confident that I will be able to do it again.

As of this morning, the scales are showing a decent loss so I have to keep that up until tomorrow evening's weigh in. I'm also off to the doctor's this morning so hopefully the cystitis will be a thing of the past soon. I'm feeling a lot better this morning but you always do feel better in the mornings so I'm not fooled that it's gone....

I'm looking forward to a better day today anyway.


Peridot said...

Poor you. Hope you feel better soon. Think you did particularly well to remain abstinent feeling ill when it's so easy to self-medicate.

Peridot x

Amanda said...

Hope your feeling better soon. Take it easy.

Amanda x

chrismars said...

Sorry you're so poorly, Lesley. Hope everything went well at the docs and you've been given something to help.

Good luck on your continued abstening....

Chris x

ThickChick said...

Oh man, I hope you feel better soon! I don't know what that condition is, but it sounds painful!

I love the idea of writing stop on my hand - that is a nice little trick that will surely come in handy one of these days!

Sandra said...

Sorry to hear about the infection - ouch! Get better soon, lovely L.

My chatterbox was just suggesting a gingernut but I've said NO!

about to slim said...

Hi Lesley sorry to hear your not feeling very well.
I do still keep up wit your blogs and im really pleased the programme has gone so well for you.I didnt stay on it for long cos i the end i couldnt afford to keep it up moneywise.I'll have to start saving.Can i ask you if you were in scarborough at the Beached festival this wkend? cos im sure i saw you there.

Conn76 said...


Hope you are feeling better today. I know it is much harder to stick to these things when you are feeling rough.

You're right, the shakes really are not too bad, although the soups are a little milky. I'm findig it hard to get through all the water! Almost hit the four litres today but I feel as if I'm a baby with a bottle. Constantly supping!

1 day down - 99 to go!!