Saturday, 25 August 2007

Day 226 - Day 2 of perfect abstinence in my "Final Push" challenge

Well - another good day under my belt.

I was up mega early doing some work from home before my day off kicked in. It was hectic but I just about got what I needed to do done before I had to race off to the Rugby Club Golf Day.

I'm too tired and it's too late to go into details but the weather was gorgeous; golf was rubbish; company was lovely and supportive (although started taking the piss as the beers mounted up!); and I stood firm against: bacon sarnies, sandwiches, soup, chips, crisps, roast beef dinner with sticky toffee pudding to follow, wine and copious amounts of beer!!

I did leave early to be honest as I couldn't see the point in watching them all eat so went to the pub and drank a gallon or so of sparkling water. Had a good time there too and one of my new outfits got an airing to general approval!

I must be retaining water as I drank like a camel and only peed once all night!! Eventually I felt ridiculously full and bloated so came home to eat my final pack and blog while I waited for D to phone me from the rig. I feel like a barrel now and my trousers were noticeably tighter by the end of the evening. Who cares though? It's nice to know that it'll all disappear over the next day or so and that I'm not stuffed because of over-indulgence even though it is a bit uncomfortable at the moment.

Anyway, I have an early haircut in Sheffield tomorrow so am going to be knackered if I don;t get to bed. Just wanted to report that I'd been good for another full day - it IS do-able!!

Night night all and have a great BH weekend!!

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Cath said...

Good on you - you're doing great, sticking to your guns, you'll be at goal before you know it.

Sounds like you had a great day, don't blame you for leaving that bit early - easier at the pub.

You're right about the tightness, the other night my pants went like that yet the next day I was 1.25lb down, feels really good knowing it's not something heavy like a chinese that'll be showing up for days to come.

Hope to see a pic of you after the haircut, I was going to have one today but ended up with not enough time due to one thing and another ... going to get one soon though.

You stick with it xxx