Thursday, 23 August 2007

Day 225 - so far so good

It's been really hard sticking to the plan ABSOLUTELY today. I hadn't realised just how many tiny cheats had crept in to my everyday routine so that even good days were not perfect. Things like: I know you shouldn't eat mints as they can compromise ketosis but I have being having the very occasional Smint (tiny, sugar free breath mint) and had a packet in my handbag. The minute I knew I couldn't have any more, I wanted one all the more.
Or, I usually cut up a small slice of cheese into Shelagh's supper or give it to her as a treat and had been of the habit of sneaking a tiny piece of it each evening. That had to go. Or, every few days I would have a cup of tea with a splash of milk, etc etc
So I realise that what I was calling abstinence wasn't really abstinence anyway which had proably also contributed to my restlessness. I suspect I haven't been in ketosis for ages now, hence the increased hunger. Also, these tiny insignificant habits have a tendency to mount up when you look at them in the round.
SO - they've all gone and I've been pure as the driven snow yesterday evening and so far today!! No - really, I have...
And it's been hard but worth it.
I had personal training at 7am which was a shocker but excellent. I must appear to be the vainest woman in the world because I honestly cannot get enough of looking at myself in the floor to ceiling mirrors!! I just can't believe that it's me. I can see a bit of tummy and saggy underarms but that is nothing compared to the arm muscles and wide shoulders, athletic legs and flat tum. I know I sound like I'm bragging but it's more disbelief that I could ever be happy looking at myself wearing lycra leggings and a little tight lycra vest top that doesn't go anywhere near my hips!!
Anyway, on to work which was hectic. I did sneak out at lunchtime though as I had some errands to run and nipped into Dotty P's. I bought:- skinny jeans in size 12, a fitted v-neck sweater which is waist length and very va v voom ; a thin knit tunic top which comes down to mid thigh and is quite slinky so NO room for any bulges and some high heeled wedges. Once again, I can't believe that I can get into them and actually look nice in such unforgiving outfits and they're 12s!! I'm going to get D to take a picture of me in one of the outfits in the hallway and post it when he gets back from the rig.
Early evening was the golf driving range with a pal who wants to learn golf. That was good because it took my mind off eating and shortened the evening at home. I joined the lads for a couple in the pub early doors which has the same result. Then a quick walk round the fields with Shelagh (no bird action for her this evening I'm afraid) and home to the computer. It's going well as I still have one pack left to eat and I'm pretty confident that I'm going to make it without breaking.
I'm playing golf all day tomorrow in the local Rugby Club Golf Day (11 holes in the morning and 18 in the afternoon) so that'll keep me busy and away from food (Oh - apart from the bacon sarnies first thing, lunch (soup, sandwiches and chips) and roast dinner.....aaaargh!!).
Fingers crossed for me - NO chips in passing or corners of bacon, Lesley - that means NONE/ZERO/NADA/ZILCH!!!


Melanie said...

You've every right to brag! I'd spend all day long in front of the mirror if I'd acheived what you have.

I can't believe you only have 7lbs to go. You are so close now, just keep away from the temptations tomorrow, and you'll be at goal weight before you know it!

Anonymous said...

You just say no girl! YOu CAN do it and it will feel so good coming into the home streath "clean". Fab on the bod. Can relate to body looking like yours! I was doing arm weighty things and couldnt beieve how skinny the looked; like someone elses! Mind you my arse & tummy are definately MINE!!
Fab also re the dotty p clothes! Look forward to picy! Hugs for hound!

Amanda said...

You brag away girl, with what you've achieved I'd certainly be looking in the mirror, especially if I could wear lycra without a huge t-shirt covering my bum & thighs!!!

Well done on completely sticking to just the food packs, if you can do that for the rest of the week, i'm positive you'll be at your goal before you go into RTM.

As Melanie says, try & keep away from the temptations on the golf day and just enjoy yourself.

Have a great day and weekend and also looking forward to seeing the pics of you in your va va voom clothes.

Amanda x

Sandra said...

Good for you.
I understand aboutt he staring in mirrors - I'm doing it already in size 18 jeans and 16 top! I also keep touching my shoulders and my collar bone. I can feel definition!

Imagine what it'll be like with a another few stone gone!

Hopefully by the time of our October meet up (have you thought any more about that?), I'll have dropped another couple. And you'll be firmly in maintenance!


Mrs said...

Way to go!

Just wishing you a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxx