Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Day 217 - Weigh in time again

So, I had a nice solid 4 lb loss this evening. I'm pretty pleased with it although, to be honest, my home scales were hinting that it might be more.... hey ho, 4lbs is 4 lbs and you can't argue with that!
The more observant of you will have noticed that my ticker has not gone down by 4 lbs and that my BMI seems to have changed. Well, while doing my blog spring clean yesterday I looked back and realised that some dodgy maths had occurred and I'd been reporting a fraudulent weight loss by a whole 2 lbs!! I must throw myself at your collective feet and beg for mercy for this inaccurate reporting - not intentional I assure you!
Re the BMI, I was guessing at my height when I created the ticker and the proper LL measurement confirms that I'm 5'6" not 5'7" as I've been pretending to myself for years!
So, we're all straight now - I know where I am and I've made some decisions about Maintenance etc: D said again last night that he thinks I've lost enough and he's not just saying it - he means he thinks I'm getting a bit too thin. I still want to go for my target but the motivation is not quite there. So, I've decided that I'm going to stick it out for the next couple of weeks as I originally said I would and try and lose the final 8lbs but, whatever happens, I'm going into Maintenance after that. Decision made. It feels good to know where I am and where I'm going and now I can start looking at the GI diet which is I think the plan I'd like to follow (roughly) for life.
Anyway, I had a very intense and busy day at work with back to back meetings. I saw a solicitor who I hadn't seen since March and she just stared - took me a while to click into why she looked so shocked. When I told her how much I'd lost she laughed and said that I'd lost more than she weighs! She's only tiny! The main meeting I was in between 12 and 4pm was a bit of a nightmare with a variety of sandwichs and fried goodies (samosas, satays, etc) followed by a tray of yummy looking cakes which sat there in front of us for the whole time. I resisted of course, especially with the weigh in looming!
I wonder, though, if I hadn't told all my colleagues about the diet, whether I would have been as sucessful at resisting such goodies over the last few months?? I think the fact that all my colleagues know that I'm not eating ensures that I'm too proud to approach the snack table or scarf down a cream bun in a meeting!
After my weigh in I raced over to meet a friend and we went for a lovely walk through the fields down to her local for a quick drink and a catch up. She was full of admiration too and we had a really nice evening. Her husband hasn't seen me since Christmas so his jaw nearly hit the floor and he kept repeating himself - "you look amazing"...."I can't believe it...." etc etc
So - a nice day and now an early night as I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow which starts with dropping the dog off at the farmplace (D has gone back to the rig today) and the car to the garage and walking from there to the station to catch the 6.37am train!!! This is very early for me....I'm not looking forward to it.....night night...


Mrs said...


You sound SO positive!! It's lovely to read. And 4lbs is pretty bl**dy fantastic, by my book, at this stage! You made me laugh with your BMI/height comments!

I hope tomorrow is ok and well done for reaching some decisions. I've written some posts, with you in mind, so I'll put them up tomorrow.

I thought you'd like to know, I keep hearing the phrase, "Walk around the hole, Lesley, walk around the hole" in my head. Of course, it is not with any accent as I can't imagine yours but it's got me through today.

And, today, I walked around some holes!

Big kiss to the skinny bird!

Mrs L xxx (also between 5'6 and 5'7)!!!

Conn76 said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the cookery tips. Only two days down and I'm craving solids!

You are right about telling people at work to help with temptation. The staffroom table is always overladen with delicious treats - I can not hide anything from anyone so they'll all know by the end of the first day. I am glad that I have a few weeks before all the temptation gets in the way.

And it must have been great to see the reactions of people you have not seen in months. You have obviously put in some bloody hard work over the last eight months - you deserve to sit back and get the rewards!


Sandra said...

You are not getting too thin just yet.
I am sure D's comments and thoughts about this are simply a comparison to the Lesley he has always known. I really think it takes a while for the picture in someone's head to change. Your change has been so quick and he needs some time to catch up.


Lesley said...

Yeah - that's what I think too, Sandra which is why I'm sticking it out for the next 2 weeks!!

Thanks though - you do start to quesiton things when so many people say the same thing!

Lesley x

Amanda said...

Congrats on the 4lb loss, that's fantastic.

I do think that it's easier if people know that your on this diet as it's all too easy to eat something if it's there in front of you and people don't know. Not sure if that makes sense, but I know what I mean!!

I think you'll also do really well now for the next couple of weeks as you now have a definite date for going into management.

And I don't think you look too thin either, you look really healthy & glowing.

Keep it up.

Amanda x

chrismars said...

It's so great when the compliments keep coming - I think it makes it all worthwhile.

I really can't see how you can do this diet without collleagues knowing. I understand why some don't want to say anything, but once you get through the prejudices that people have over a VLCD then it's much easier to keep the willpower and control going. I found that colleagues were really interested about the diet and wanted to know how things were going all the time.

Well, that was in the days when I could do it.....

Chris x