Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Day 224 - Sunny walk and weigh in

As you can see from the ticker I only lost 1lb last week. I know this is because I sabotaged myself by eating in a pretty uncontrolled manner on Thursday and Friday of last week. On the plus side, I'm pleased that I managed to rein in the eating almost totally after that and have had several very good days. I'm pleased that I kept up the exercise all the way through too, even on the days that I ate.

I'm not pleased that I ate though and I'm especially not pleased with the manner in which I ate - there were definitely bingy type overtones to it. I was determined to eat - I actually
stopped at a garage and bought milk, ostensibly for my friends but they weren't arriving until Saturday so there was no need to buy it on Friday evening - I KNEW what I was sub-consciously planning to do...!!

So - what am I going to do about it?? As I said last week, I'm going to do Development for one more week and then start Route To Management on the following Monday. However, I want to go into RTM in a positive frame of mind and be ready to follow it to the letter as per Mrs Lard's instructions. So - I'm determined to have a really good 10 days and give myself every chance to lose the last 7 lbs in that time. I know that is do-able for me. If I'm perfectly abstinent this week, I could even lost it this week!! So that's the plan!


  1. To be TOTALLY abstinent over the next 10 days
  2. To lose 7 lbs before I start RTM on Monday 3 September
  3. To read the RTM books before I start the programme (which I didn't do in Development - I didn't pick up the Green Book for the whole time and feel the poorer for it)

I'll set new targets when I get to RTM and will evaluate how I did on these ones then too. I will have a buddy in this endeavour. Tracey from my class (the woman who has lost over 10 stone!) was planning on going into RTM this Monday but went a bit mad last week and managed to GAIN 4lbs! It's the first time in over 10 months on the programme that she has had a gain and she's pissed off with herself. So, she's going to do one more week and start RTM on the same Monday as me. We're setting ourselves the same challenge.

Anyway, I played golf this morning which was good but very windy and I seem to have picked up a banging and persistent headache from that. I worked from home in the afternoon and then took the dog out onto Bamford Edge for a walk in the sunshine. That was really windy again and now the headache is pretty insistent. I've taken the edge off with tablets but it's not gone away. I haven't had a headache for months so this is a strange feeling. Anyway, I'm resisting the urge to medicate myself with food.

I hope you like the pictures. It wasn't an ideal afternoon for photography - it was very bright, windy and slightly hazy so everything has that "white light" feeling to it. I love the one of Shelagh on the rock though - I think it looks like one of those seventies studio portraits with a fake background behind her!! The one of me and Shelagh is also amusing - she just hurled herself into my arms for a cuddle as the self-timer clicked.

I love it up on the edge - - it's close to where they filmed parts of Jane Eyre (both the Keira Knightley version and the latest BBC serial) and it's got that lovely wild, open feel to it.

Anyway, I'm off to watch Heroes and resist eating any unauthorised food. Wish me luck!!


Mrs said...

Well done! That sounds very organised. Just come back from class myself. Stayed the same, which LLC said was good...considering!

LOVE the pics! Shelagh is SOOO cute.

Night night. Just catching the last 45 secs of the match.

Mrs L


Cath said...

Oh how good does it look, seeing a ticker that says '7lb to go' - brilliant. You sound so focussed and determined, I'm glad you're giving it a really good go for the next 10 days (and beyond) - I know you can do this.

I also haven't looked at the green book all the time I've been in development - not done any of the exercises in it or even read it.

It's great you're going to follow Mrs L's directions for the RTM - I had a read of it and it's excellent.

Pics are gorgeous, Shelagh is gonna have her own fan club!


Sandra said...

I love the pic of Shelagh on the rock too - and the heather is so beautiful.

Good luck with an abstinent week. me too!
I put on tonight but was expecting it and surprised it was only the two that I saw this morning...

Amanda said...

Well done on losing this week and also getting straight back to abstinence.

Your goals sound good and are really achievable, I know you'll be able to do this before you go into RTM.

Lovely pictures again and Shelagh is just adorable and the one of you and her is lovely.

How fantastic it is to see your ticker with only 7lbs to go, can't wait till mine says that.

Keep up the great work I know you can do it.

Amanda x