Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 11 August 2007

New Start 40 - Friday means party time

I had a pretty good day at work. Not perfect diet wise unfortunately as I started with a skinny capp on the station on the way in. Daft, daft daft. Falling in that hole again.

Left reasonably early as Mum and Dad were due and I was on the trian and had to pick up the car and the dog before getting home. It was a pleasant evening so was sat out by the pond reading and eating my bar and tea when the parents arrived. Shelagh was funny as ever, she was with me and spotted Dad at the other end of the garden before I did. She didn't make a sound - no barking or whimpering - she just set off down the garden like a bullet. Straight at Dad and in seconds was rollong on her back at his feet in ecstasy. True love on both sides!

The Olds admired my soon to be splendid garden and skinny physique and I fed them a snackette so we were quits.

I left them settled in front of the telly fighting over the dog (and the remote) and went off to the 40th birthday party I was due to go to. It was held in a barn in a field half a mile away so very convenient. I was mindful of the cold so wore jeans and trainers which left my mother somewhat nonplussed - "I thought you were going to a party!!".

It's a lovely venue, open to the hills and really remote so you can be noisy and feel free. The barn is kitted out with a dancefloor and a bar and an open but covered area for eating- perfect. I didn't know that many people but enough and initially went through that slightly awkward feeling when I go to something on my own, especially I wasn't eating or drinking so didn't have that social prop. That soon passed and we got down to the serious business of dancing the night away.

I LOVE dancing nowadays! I always used to like it but after a couple of tracks I would start to sweat and my hair would get wet or my feet would hurt or I just felt self conscious about being the fattest person on the dancefloor. Now, there's no such issues and I can dance all night without stopping and love every minute. I can be more inventive about how I dance, funnier steps, cooler moves - I just love it. And it doesn't seem to matter that I don't drink - I can dance sober now! Brilliant.

I like the photo too - Yes - the 2 other women are really tall. I'm 5'6" but they are at least 6' each and one was wearing heels! But - for years I've looked at them and admired their slim figures - now I can see that I'm easily as slim as they are and probably a little younger looking too. My world has tilted on its axis - again!!

I left , sober and happy at 12.30 and must admit to grabbing a mini bhaji on the way out! Why? Opportunity - that's all it can be. I had resisted cake, curry and booze all evening but unthinkingly grabbed something I didn't even really want on the way out. I'm weird.

Still, I did dance for about 2 solid hours so doubt it will be a problem.


Melanie said...

Mmmm...something not right there, the text says "I wasn't eating or drinking so didn't have that social prop" and yet the photo supposedly never lies.

I'm sure you were just holding it for someone to take the photo, that's what it must have been.

You look god damn gorgeous, I bet you're turning into a right party diva, and so you should too!

Lesley's turning into a dancing queen, disco diva, go on girl!

In search of me said...

oo look at you Mrs tall & skinny!!! Looking good & I LOVE that green necklace! You look great; much more internally smily than the other girls but then you have alot to be happy about! Gorgeous bod; re-inlove with OH; relaxing time with M&D and generally so much happier than you were a few months ago! Go girl! its great to see. Re the running also good to know as worry about my friend doing so much but then she does eat sometimes too whch reassures me as dont want her keeling over! I did ask LL about stats long term and there are none but they are collating apparently. I find this hard to believe and suspect its more that they dont want to say! if you google "VLCD" there is some research & having read it all I think LL is the best option and do think from your complete change in lifestyle you WILL keep it off! While you have eaten you have compensated with excercise and thats the road for keeping it off in my book (& why I put it on when I stopped excercisin - that & all the rubbish I ate!!). Well done for the journey so far & keep it up! Hope you're enjoying the w/e with parents - I love the relationship your dad & S have - v.simular to manu cat & my mum! Its lovely isnt it!

chrismars said...

A lovely upbeat and positive post. It sounds as though you had a lovely evening. I know how it feels to go to these things on your own, so what a new life skill you've learnt being able to cope as a 'single' and not needing to resort to the prop of a glass of ...whatever your tipple is/was.

Made me laugh about S and Dad.

Chris x

Lesley said...


I was just holding the pint for Jim so he could take the photos honest - I was on water all night -honest!!!

Mrs said...

Gorgeous!! You are looking slim, slim, slim - VERY slim!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxx

Amanda said...

You look fantastic Lesley and so happy & smiley.

I love my dancing too and felt the same with what you described when you were big. I'm looking forward to being able to dance all night without the sweatiness, sore feet and all that.

Well done on resisting everything, bar the bhaji, which with all the running & dancing won't show on the scales.

Keep it up, you look great.

Amanda x

beth said...

I've been meaning to stop lurking and say hello for ages -- you look absolutely amazing full stop, but also as slim as if not slimmer than your friends. (And I am SO envious that you live near Chatsworth -- went up there for Easter holidays and it was so beautiful.)